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Piccolo Museo della Moto Bariaschi
Piccolo Museo della Moto Bariaschi01-641319924d24c91577bddfec9a80651a

In Guastalla, a small town on the bank of the river Po, in November 2008 a Small Motorcycle Museum was built, which aims to illustrate the phenomenon of mass motorization of the immediate post-war period, 1945-1965. The museum, in 4 pavilions for a total of 650 square meters, collects 182 pieces of 41 different brands of the Italian motorcycle industry and some of the most important examples of European industry. Significant examples because they have set in motion the passion of Italians starting from the end of the Second World War, both in daily use and for competitions. Let's not forget that the Milan-Taranto and the Motogiro d'Italia constituted, with the passage on the Italian roads, a powerful tool for the promotion of motorism. The well-ordered museum itinerary aims to illustrate the evolution of the Italian motor engineering technique from the immediate post-war period to the boom years and economic well-being. Visitors will be accompanied by a guide to technical explanations. In the museum you can access a room where films of motorcycle competitions are shown of the years 50-60-70. Visits to the museum are free.

Piccolo Museo della Moto Bariaschi, Via San Giuseppe, Guastalla, RE, Italia
Telefono: +39 0522 831379

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