Passes and top roads between Veneto and Friuli – motorcycle trip from Cadore to Ampezzo

A motorbike trip through the Alps, Veneto and Friuli: an itinerary from Lozzo di Cadore, passing Sauris' Lake, ending in Ampezzo.

moto friuli veneto cadore sauris ampezzo pura passo

Today we’ll go in Veneto and in Friuli, between the most beautiful roads of Italy, where the road surface is always perfect. Our itinerary starts in Lozzo di Cadore, few kilometres away from the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo, passing Sauris’ Lake, ending in Ampezzo (don’t confuse it with Cortina D’Ampezzo).

Our start is Lozzo di Cadore, in the high valley of river Piave. The village is well known for its ancient paths and for the Roggia dei mulini: we suggest the scenic botanic route named “Tita Poa” walking across the wood above the road heading to “Pian dei Buoi”. The altitude of the valley is 1800 metres, at the feet of Marmarole, and you can reach it following a 20 minutes motorbike distance on an asphalt carriageway.

The amazing view of the peaks surrounding the green grasslands is unique: from “Pian dei Buoi” you can take many paths arriving, among others, to the safe house Ciareido (m. 1969), in Col Vidal (a fortified area during first war world), in Col Cervera, in Pian de Paradis. Foto By Davide borca – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

moto friuli veneto cadore sauris ampezzo pura passoLeaving the borgo behind, we went on along SP619, direction Sauris. The road, bend after bend, is immersed in a wonderful apine landscape with grasslands, woods, and scenic rocks. You have to pass in order,  Sella di Razzo first and then, entering the SP73Sella di Rioda. The region, unexplored yet, lets you drive with joy and calm: you can meet only motorbikes coming from Germany or Austria. Foto By Ulflulfl – Own work, Public Domain.

moto friuli veneto cadore sauris ampezzo pura passoFinally we reached, very calm and quiet, Sauris. It’s a village of old traditions immersed in the nature of Alps Carniche. The comune, located in a green basin surrounded by the Dolomitic peaks, it’s the highest of entire region Friuli Venezia Giulia and it’s divided into three parts: Lower Sauris, Upper Sauris and Lateis and it includes La Maina and Velt, about 1000 and 1400 metres above the sea level. The Sauris’ Lake is artificial but still fascinating and gives you peace. With the engine off, you can feel only the wind caressing the wild nature around you. Foto di Sauris di engripo, pixabay Libera per usi commerciali, attribuzione non richiesta.

fter taking many many pictures and a relaxing break with your feet in the lake’s icy waters, we went ahead to Ampezzo, but taking the Passo del Pura, preferring this valid option to SP73. The road, narrow and curvy, gives you amazing views of woods and of Valle del Tagliamento. Before reaching Ampezzo, we decided to stop to eat (as usual our hunger is bigger at every kilometer done) at Rifugio Alpino Tita Piaz. Here you can taste typical dishes, like mushrooms, salami, home-made beer of Sauris,herbs, cheese and the cjarsons, ravioli filled with salty or sweet filling, of course prepared with a lot of butter.

Finally we arrived in Ampezzo, following SS52 and from here we suggest to test the Salita del Kaiser, the famous Giro d’Italia’s climb of Monte Zoncolan.

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