Ride from Bormio to Stelvio Pass, Gavia, Mortirolo and Foscagno

Motorcycle and bike ride guide between Lombardy and Trentino - Stelvio Pass - Gavia Pass - Foscagno Pass - Umbrail Pass - Mortirolo Pass - Bormio.

Passo Stelvio notte moto
Passo dello Stelvio di notte - Ph. Shutterstock
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Ride from Bormio, to some of the most beautiful passes in Italy: Stelvio Pass, Umbrail, Gavia, Foscagno and Mortirolo.

The small historic village of Bormio, with its typical stone buildings and the splendid view of the Alps (Ortles-Cevedale group), is the ideal starting or finishing point for some of the most important roads in Italy.


Table of contents

  1. Stelvio Pass
  2. Umbrail Pass
  3. Gavia Pass
  4. Foscagno and Eira Pass
  5. Mortirolo Pass
  6. Travel tips
  7. Information and map

Stelvio Pass

Passo Umbrail o Giogo di Santa Maria
Passo Umbrail o Giogo di Santa Maria

The Stelvio Pass, in the main picture, at an elevation of 2.757m is one of the highest mountain roads in Italy, beating colle dell’Agnello, the second highest in the Alps, after the Col de l’Iseran. Before the end of World War I, it formed the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Italian Kingdom. During World War I, fierce battles were fought in the ice and snow of the area. Only after the war it was decided to restrict the opening of the pass to summertime because the pass lost its strategic importance: it didn’t link Milan and Vienna and the two mountainsides became italian. It connects Bormio and Valtellina with Trafoi and Val Venosta, it includes 88 hairpin bends, 48 of them on the altoatesino side and 40 on the lombard side.

Gavia Pass

Passo Gavia in moto lago bianco
Passo Gavia – Lago Bianco

The Gavia pass (2.618 above sea level) connects Val di Gavia with the upper Valcamonica, marking the border between the provinces of Sondrio and Brescia.

The road is quite challenging, very scenic but narrow, so start from Ponte Legno and then proceed towards Santa Caterina Valfurva arriving in Bormio. About 300 metres away from the pass, there is the only place in Italy where you can find specific characteristics of the Arctic tundra, what’s left of the last glacial period (Ice Age Würm). Foto di gavia26210, Pixabay libera per usi commerciali.

Umbrail Pass

Passo dell'Umbrail o Giogo di Santa Maria moto itinerario bormio stelvio svizzera
Passo dell’Umbrail o Giogo di Santa Maria

You can also detour to Switzerland directly from Passo Umbrail or Giogo di Santa Maria: it is the highest passable Alpine pass in Switzerland, opened to traffic in 1901. From the pass you have a view of the Monastero valley, the Fraele valley, the Valtellina and on the Val di Trafoi. From the yoke it is possible to descend to Switzerland, or to Santa Maria Val Müstair, through a road where the asphalting works of the last 2.5 kilometers were carried out only in 2016. The road is narrow and sloping and descends for 13 kilometers into the underlying Monastero, after 1,126 meters of altitude.

Foscagno Pass

passo stelvio bormio valtellina lombardia motoThe Foscagno Pass connects the Livigno valley with Valdidentro and Valtellina, ending in Bormio. The Pass is 2291 m asl and is traversed by the SS 301 road. This mountain pass is the only way to get to Livigno without travelling through Switzerland (through the Poschiavo valley and Forcola). This route also includes the subsidiary Eira Pass (2209 a.s.l) which lies between the Foscagno Pass and Livigno itself. Foto di mstefano80, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Mortirolo Pass

Passo del Mortirolo - itinerario moto bici percorso strada
Passo del Mortirolo – Ph. Canva

Also known as the Foppa pass, it connects the Valtellina with the Val Camonica, through the Mortirolo valley of the same name, connecting the province of Sondrio with that of Brescia through the municipalities of Grosio and Monno.

It is a narrow and little frequented road, as the alternative to the Aprica pass is much easier and safer to reach Bormio and the upper part of Valtellina coming from Brescia or Trentino.

Bormio – Hotel Palace and Spa

Hotel Palace Bormio
Hotel Palace Bormio

Set close to the centre of the town of Bormio, 500 meters away from the Cableway Bormio 2000, the Palace Hotel Wellness & Beauty offers guests the utmost comfort in a corteous and friendly atmosphere and is well equipped for motorbikers. The Hotel offers the following facilities: a guarded garage for your motorcycle, a restaurant where you can taste the well- known Valtellina specialities and a good selection of wines, Health and fitness, Finnish Sauna, Hydro-massage Iacuzzi and many others. For info click here  www.palacebormio.it

Information and map


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