A motorcycle trip – Road to Norway – 4 friends 1 heart and 4 Triumph at the Lofoten Islands

ROAD TO NORWAY: a short film, a motorcycle trip, a challenge, an adventure filling us with joy, hope and love for life.

A short film, “Road to Norway”, was created by 4 guys and their dreams, hearts and hopes: a motorcycle trip, a challenge, an adventure filling us with joy, hope and love for life.

14 days – 7469 km – 4 Standard Triumph  – 4 friends and the Heart of “an angel”

Our summer trip in Norway, exactly at the Lofoten Islands, was more than a simple trip with friends.
ROAD TO NORWAY is a message of hope, a hymn to life.
Everything started in November 2016 with a promise made to our beloved friend Davide, at the eve of his delicate heart transplant.
road to norway nati per la moto lofoten norvegiaWe want to keep that promise at any cost and we did it, we celebrated his new life, and we paid tribute to his guardian angel, who saved his life, and to his family, to all the doctors and nurses who work everyday with enthusiasm and devotion to save other people’s lives at the Policlinico S.Orsola di Bologna and at Associazione Trapianti di Cuore ATCOM. www.atcomonline.it
TETTO AMICO is the only place in Italy where patients and their families can spend nights and days without paying anything before, during and after the surgery. A big support.
road to norway nati per la moto lofoten norvegiaRoad to Norway teached us many things, made our bond stronger, filled us with emotions and we can still feel them watching this short film and thinking that we can share this experience with others, conveying the message we care for: “After a delicate surgery we have the right to keep on living paying tribute to who saved our life because life is always beautiful. To donate is crucial, to donate is life”.
7469 Km in 14 days, through 6 countries ( AUSTRIA – GERMANY – DENMARK – NORWAY – SWEDEN – CZECH REPUBLIC ), 4 capitals ( VIENNA – OSLO – COPENAGHEN – PRAGUE), different temperatures and climates forged us in spirit and made us stronger. Davide showed us that nothing can stop you if your mind and will are syncronized.
road to norway nati per la moto lofoten norvegiaNorway is full of amazing landscapes, the roads overlooking the sea are wonderful. Riders and drivers behave pretty good at  north, signaling to let us pass them. The rest areas are well equipped and everything is well organized. In Norway people are helpful and caring, the country is clean but not cheap. An american coffee costs 4 euros but fuel is less expensive.
road to norway nati per la moto lofoten norvegiaThe arrival at the Lofoten Islands was magical,  we reached our goal in the seven days planned, we kept our promise and we paid our tribute to Davide placing a memorial plaque with these words written: “YOU COULD LIVE TWICE IF YOU FREE YOUR HEART”. When Davide placed it in the ground near one of  the most famous shores of the Lofoten, I got emotional.
In that very moment the weather changed: we arrived with sun and after one hour many clouds were in the sky.
The Lofoten Islands are really a paradise. A wild, rugged mountain chain is rising up from the Gulf Stream, forming a rare and unique world, of cods, fishermen cabins (Rorbu), local art, culture and beautiful nature.
I lived another emotional moment in Sweden when we saw few reindeers crossing the street. We also recorded a reindeer running with us along the road for 3/4 kilometers.
road to norway nati per la moto lofoten norvegiaNature is pure there and you can breathe it on motorycle. This is something impossible to describe, you have to experience it.
We met many motorbikers, italian and foreigners. We had the pleasure to greet them and we learned something every day.
We spread the message around Europe and we hope everyone will bear it in mind! Enjoy the short film!
“Lorenzo Benatti” – Nati per la moto
Sponsors: DMD Helmets, Givi – Givi Explorer, Stylmartin, IB Garage, Rouille, Wise78, Ottica Lugli, Mercatino Cafe Racer, Trinity Luxury Rooms, Bartubeless Italia, Pushertees. Con il patrocinio di TIM.

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