An unusual tour by motorcycle – Venissa, the restaurant and wine resort “L’altra Venezia”

At west of Burano and Torcello, in the north part of Laguna, there is a different and unique Venice, a microcosm where nature, culture and tastes are combined into an unforgettable mix.

venezia venissa Mazzorbo wine resort

We are used to ride passes, wild roads and to visit distant places but, sometimes, to do something different let us know very particular areas, like the island of Mazzorbo and the Venissa.

At west of Burano and Torcello, in the north part of Laguna, there is a different and unique Venice, a microcosm where nature, culture and tastes are combined into an unforgettable mix and where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere thanks to an exclusive hospitality, enriched by experiences which allow visitors to discover the real Venice, the original one.

One experience gives the possibility to visit the lagoon with the famous photoreporter Maurizio Rossi, author of the exhibition “I mestieri della Venezia nativa”, which will open the fall season at Venissa on the 9 of november lasting till the 6 of january 2019. This experience includes a trip to take pictures and admire the beauties of Mazzorbo and the other islands nearby, Burano and Torcello, wrapped by the magic fall mists or kissed by the light winter rays; you can book a room at Casa Burano by Venissa; you can dine at Osteria Contemporanea in Mazzorbo.
Remember that you will reach Venissa by boat (from the station or the shore): that’s the better way to approach l’Altra Venezia.

venezia venissa Mazzorbo wine resortThe “original” cuisine of the Restaurant Venissa and L’Osteria Contemporanea 
In Mazzorbo, the Ristorante Venissa (from march till november) was opened in 2010 and won a Michelin star in 2012; Francesco Brutto, Winner of the title Best Young Italian Chef 2017 for the guide “Ristoranti l’Espresso”, landed in the lagoon and, together with a team of other young talents headed by Chiara Pavan, he proposes an innovative and unique menu: the lagoon’s fish, vegetables directly from the held and wild herbs picked in the vineyard are combined into creative and harmonic dishes:  “Eel, porcino mushrooms and black truffle”  or “Spaghetti with cypress infusion and unripe grapes Dorona” or “Ravioli made with bietola, artemisia’s butter, pinoli and lagoon’s herbs”.
An informal option to Ristorante Venissa is L’Osteria Contemporanea (open all year) where tradition and a classic osteria atmosphere mean “few dishes but well cooked”. That’s the best location to taste “Sarde in saor always crunchy” or “Moscardini with herbs”, or only to drink little wine producers’ selected wines, perfect to enhance cuisine’s dishes.

The best way to live “L’altra Venezia” is to stay at Wine Resort, a beautiful cleverly renoveted residence, where an essential and classy interior design conserved the semplicity and beauty of  the lagoon’s typical houses with the view on the garden and the vineyard. The Wine Resort has only five rooms and is open from March to November: we suggest you to book in advanced.

Another valid option for an accomodation is Casa Burano by Venissa, a 13 rooms’ hotel where guests can live in Burano Island – linked to Mazzorbo by a bridge – next door to the locals staying at one of the five colored houses: many years ago lacemakers and fishmen lived into these famous houses renovated in 2016 thanks to the best minds of venetian architects and designers.

Venissa Experiences – Fall 2018
Many Wonder boxes include different activities (birdwatching, photography, gourmet, wine tasting), one night and dinner in selected places with prices from €140 to €160 each.  For more info:

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