Learning to ride a motorbike – The driving lessons that may save your life

Courses of safely driving, on road and offroad. The relevance of learning tecniques, tips and secrets to know your motorbike and yourself.

corso moto guida sicura strada pista

The relevance of driving well a motorbike and especially how to behave on road and offroad. Find out why driving lessons may save your life.

Few days ago I came across a facebook post of an user saying he had a hard time following his friends on a easy sunday trip. Don’t mind the absurd comments of brave men, the ones who usually take a bend against traffic putting their lives at stake (unfortunately our lives too!). I’m glad to tell you that some users made clever suggestions to the sad boy, like driving lessons. Oh yeah! You can be an expert rider and be sassy, but when you are a beginner the fear of driving following you everytime doesn’t help at all.

Why you have to ruin a beautiful trip when you can learn much, you can become more confident on motorbike and you can have all under control thanks to a well done driving lesson?

I have driven my whole life I would say, for over 25 years, and I have faced many different situations with different motorbikes. I have to admit that without some key lessons my driving would be at the same level of 15 years ago. Thanks to my job I can meet many schools and workers in the field but the result is the same: I was on track, on road, offroad assisted by trainers, using my motorbike ot the trainers’ ones and I’ve learned so many things from them, from my motorbike and from myself.

Without any doubt, the road is the main teacher but it’s full of dangers and there we can’t go wrong and we can’t test. It’s not cool to ask you, but how many motorbikes fallen down we see on our trips? Maybe sometimes it’s bad luck or a hole in the wheel but, often, the driver’s fault.

CORSO ENDURO LIVE OUT LERMALet’s talk about courses. During these lessons you don’t learn how to face dangers and how to react at a crossroad, but everything you will learn is still precious. We have different models of motorbikes, standards, sport ones, enduro, maxi-enduro, maxi-scooter and during a lesson, in a safe place with an asphalt or not track, we can understand what our motorbike can let us do, how much we can push the limits, how much and when we have to slow down and more. We can learn how not to panic in front of obstacles, how to be confident, and to know our limits and not to lose the comfort sensation when we are riding.

The real aim of a biker is to ride safely, even pushing the limits, but enjoying the landscape, the bends, the scent and the emotions of the road to go back home completely satisfied.

My tip is to invest in a course fitting your needs, without shame and fear, because i think is the best way to prove maturity and seriousness, essential to face the many kilometres ahead.

Attend a driving lesson, fasten your helmet and never stop travelling!

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