Tentsile: the best tree tents for your adventures

Do you want to sleep on trees? Suspended on a lake or river or simply far from animals and insects? This is how Tentsile tents work.

Tentsile Connect - Model @minayounglee tenda albero sospese amaca tree tent
Tentsile Connect - Model @minayounglee
Cerchi un Hotel, un Ristorante o altro?

Motorbike and bike adventures in the heart of nature with Tentsile tree tents, the solution for any trip and terrain.

The English company, also based in the United States, is the leading company in the industry of suspended tents, taht can be mounted and tied on trees, poles, rocks and any other structure that allows them to be fixed, forgetting all the problems with slopes and extreme terrains.


Table of contents

  1. How it works
  2. Stingray
  3. Flite
  4. UNA
  5. Accessories
  6. Pros and cons
  7. The company

Whether you are a lone traveler, a couple or a group of friends, Tentsile produces tents and accessories for every need and type of use. The space varies from 1 to 3 people for the tents, up to 6 people for the hammocks. Summer or 4 seasons, ultra light, with accessories of all kinds, in short, a huge choice for a truly unique outdoor experience in the name of environmental sustainability.

How it works

Unlike traditional tents, which need to be set up on flat, level and dry ground, Tentsile tree tents and giant camping hammocks use a patented three-point anchoring system to suspend the tent from the ground.

Simply open the bag and start mounting the straps on the 3 chosen trees, better with the tree protectors. Once the tent is connected to the 3 straps, two fixed and one with the ratchet, you stretch it all to right point. To align the structure there are tabs that serve to set the tent perfectly. Online you can find all the tutorials. Once in position, you mount the poles and place the rain cover. It takes about 10 minutes to finish the job.


Tentsile Stingray tree tent tenda albero sospese amaca
Tentsile Stingray

The best seller, the Tentsile Stingray offers the most unique and comfortable way to enjoy time in the trees, with enough sleeping room for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. This model is a portable treehouse and is perfect for anyone who wants a great solution for camping with friends or family, or for setting up a base camp for a multi-day adventure.  The retail price is Euro 699 from the Tentsile website.


Tentsile Stingray tree tent tenda albero sospese amaca
Tentsile Flite

The Flite is Tentsile’s lightweight 2-person tree tent. With its built-in insect net and removable rain cover, this model is perfect for motorcycle adventures, backpacking or hiking. This model has an essential design to reduce as much weight as possible. The bed consists of a double tension hammock with an adjustable dividing strap in the center that transforms the sheet into one or two bunks for single or double camping. A unique cross-braced pole configuration provides extra head room for those times when you need to sit down. The retail price is 399 Euros from the Tentsile website.


Tentsile UNA tree tent tenda albero sospese amaca
Tentsile UNA – Ph. Justin Lewis

Lightweight 1 Person Tree Tent offers completely “flat” and under tarpaulin storage nets for all your gear! With its built-in mosquito net and detachable rain cover, it packs into a tiny bag and is ideal for solo, motorcycle, backpacking or biking excursions. The retail price is Euro 299 from the Tentsile website.


Tree tent Tenstile accessory accessori ground kit
Tentsile Ground Kit

The accessories catalog is huge. The most popular are the “ground kit”, the external panels to create shade under the tent or a sort of “room” for extra privacy on the ground, tree guards for maximum eco-sustainability and adjustment straps in the case of misaligned trees and supports.

Pros and cons

Sleeping suspended from the ground means first of all living a different and certainly very intriguing experience: you can mount it on any type of slope; the tent stays clean and does not get wet on the ground, so it is much easier to store; it is comfortable because you are not resting on hard surfaces, stones, roots… and you can also avoid the use of a mat or just use a thin one; ants and various insects will not be able to enter the tent, as well as dust and dirt in general; the ventilation is maximum in summer and in winter you do not touch the icy ground; your luggage and your belongings are always safe and away from other animals in general. On the other hand, the tent is more subject to wind, it is less practical to get in and out and maybe change your clothes, it does not have the assembly speed of a pop-up but the average mounting time settles around 10 minutes. The price is certainly not the most affordable but we are talking about a high-end product and completely different from traditional curtains.

The company

“If we hang on trees” they can’t cut them down. This is the motto of Alex Shirley-Smith, the founder, born and raised in London as an architect specializing in sustainable living and low impact shelters. Tentsile offers a range of one to five person tree tents, as well as hammocks, mosquito nets, waterproof walls and ladders that can be used together to create a “pile”.

The team’s mission is always linked to eco-sustainability, tree protection and support for the most disadvantaged populations. In the eight years since they promised to plant 20 trees for every tent sold, they have reached over 700,000 trees in 2019 in Madagascar, India, Zambia and Oregon, and they intend to reach the goal of 1 million trees planted by 2021.

For any information visit the Tentsile website.

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