Swank Rally of Sardinia: the legendary race is back! VIDEO

Swank Rally of Sardinia: thanks to Deus and Zocchi the legendary 80s race is back in gentleman mode and open to all types of bikes, even vintage.


The Swank Rally of Sardinia is back and with an unparalleled charm: 150 riders from all over the world, bikes that made history, famous riders of yesterday and today and much more, enjoy the video!

It ended a few days ago and we still have the smile printed while we are talking about it. It was 1984 when Renato Zocchi invented the Rally of Sardinia, returning from the Dakar race, to allow everyone to experience a piece of that “African mirage“. In 1987 there were over 1,000 rally members, including car and motorcycle participants, assistants and enthusiasts.

In 2019, thanks to Deus Ex Machina with Filippo Bassoli (Managing Director) and Renato Zocchi, we can once again return to experience a piece of history and have fun with our bikes, vintage and otherwise, in the beautiful Sardinia.

Race day 1 – In Monza the rain tries to ruin the start but it fails, thanks to the Monza racetrack during the «The Reunion» event, where many motorcyclists attend the early stages of the Rally which takes place in gentleman mode “each rider is responsible for his timing”. There are champions of the caliber of Fasola and Botturi, Italian and foreign pilots: (United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Holland …). Everyone can participate with the formula they prefer: two competitive categories, the first for motorbikes up to 2000, the second for those from 2000 onwards, but you can also register without taking part in the competition (the third category).

We are there, not without having suffered setbacks and expected spare parts for the KTM 950 driven by Marco Nebbiolo, happy as a child in the world of toys, between historic Honda and Yamaha, BMWs of yesterday and today, real rally bikes and the new Ténéré 700 driven by Botturi. After a brief special on the track prepared inside the Autodrome, we leave for Genoa and embark like bulls on fire for the feast of San Firmino.

Race day 2 – Finally Sardinia, Porto Torres, but with two hours of delay, so we hasten to start with the sun but chased by bad weather. Along the way there are two doctors on motorbikes, 4×4 ambulances ready to help, a service truck. After a few kilometers, the traces of Renato Zocchi begin to welcome us, among stones, dust and not so delicate passages, we let the gas down a little and concentrate on driving. A timid sun accompanies us throughout the day. The routes are more difficult at times and other parts are smoother, but the continuous change of landscapes and terrain makes us immediately fall in love with this wonderful Sardinia. After 240 km, of which 30 are special stages, we arrive at Gavoi, a small village in the hinterland.

Race day 3 – The third day the storm arrives: we start in the rain, and the morning begins with a very difficult course for two-cylinder motorcycle riders like mine: stones and wet sand make it difficult to manage weight, but after a few falls we come out however victorious. After hours with rain and fog, frankly tired, we decide to cut a piece of the second part because it would have been really difficult to continue with our bikes and we opt for a beautiful and rustic Sardinian trattoria (this is also adventure!). We arrive in San Teodoro in a beautiful Resort, between a beer and some laughs with the traveling mates we rest in view of the next day hoping for a nice warm sun.

Race day 4 – The following morning, after a few km of dirt road, a very special special race awaits us! A path that combines an enduro track with a cross track: it was really hard, but the thrill of flying on the jumps with my Ktm 950 was priceless! A little less for my forks that have suffered! We continue the trail along the last 150 km, which separate us from Porto Torres, finally on a full sunny day. We drive on the long dirt roads that run through the Sardinian mountains up to the beach where a long line of bikes make the scenery truly unique. Prize-giving, more laughter and good times in the company of all the participants and the organizers. What a wonderful ending!



The next morning we disembark in Genoa, greeting each other like a group of friends after two weeks on holiday in Sardinia, with fatigue that will never beat the happiness of having participated in this first edition of the Swank Rally of Sardinia. So many stories and anecdotes to tell, so many new friends, an indelible memory of wonderful days in a land that for the Enduro is a true paradise.

We thank in no particular order: Renato Zocchi for the entire organization and for the tracks (and what tracks!), Filippo Bassoli and the Swank Team for the warmth and warmth with which we spent these days, Anlas for the Capra-X who made us run with the KTM 950 as if it were a race bike, Garmin with the GPSMAP 276CX for not letting us lose in the sheep, Enduristan for the bags and the backpack that not even a panzer could damage, Alpinestars for the Tech 7 Enduro boots that have saved our ankles from the traces of Renato, AICS Motociclisimo for all their support!

See you next year! We can’t wait to be there again!

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