Sardinia – Alghero to Bosa

A scenic and wonderful road by the sea. An itinerary to discover the west coast of Sardinia.

Alghero Bosa in moto
Alghero Bosa in moto - Ph. Mat783
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Motorbike trip from Alghero to Bosa along the most beautiful coastal road of the west coast of Sardinia.

A land loved by all full of roads to ride by motorbike, on asphalt or off-road, Sardinia always remains one of the best destinations ever, in summer and winter.

Length60 Km
LinkAlghero – S’Archittu
Winter closure
Road conditionsAverage


Alghero – Fot di, wikimedia

We start from Alghero, also known as Barceloneta, the little Barcellona: here you can hear people speaking Catalan, which is recognised by the Italian Republic and by the Region Sardinia as a minority language. Don’t miss the church of san Michele, Palace Machìn and the ancient walls built to protect the city many centuries ago.


Alghero – Bosa SP105

Cabu Nieddu cascata – di Angelo Perria Pubblico dominio

The provincial road 105 starts in Alghero and we suggest to go south to keep the sea at your right side and enjoy it in the better way.

It’s a plain road, bend after bend, but the surface isn’t always perfect. Don’t go too fast for safety reasons and also to experience the landscapes. You can stop at many rest areas to take amazing pictures.


Bosa: di Gianni Careddu, CC BY-SA 3.0

Before reaching Bosa, the provincial road becomes SP45 (make no mistakes). Arrived in the little borgo of fishermen (Bosa Marina), turn towards the center, along river Temo. In the little town, nominated royal city under the Aragonese domination, you will find many churches and military monuments. Spend a little time at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the town’s Cathedral, and at the Castello di Serravalle.


Cuglieri: di Angelo Perria – Own work, Public Domain

Going south, along state road 292, there is the borgo of Cuglieri: the town fans out like an amphitheatre on Bardosu hill. From the roman dominion, here you’ll find the remains of the VI century BCE Phoenician-Punic Cornus, centre of an anti-Roman revolt during the Punic Wars. Cuglieri is important for the production of olive oil and for the old churches and monasteries, like the Basilica di Santa Maria ad Nives (of the Snow). The nuraghi nearby are countless, over 50, but the most important are “Oratiddo, Nuraghe Maggiore, Baragiones, Mannigos, Frommigas e Uglieras”.

Must see

S’Archittu belongs to the comune of Cuglieri, and is famous for the natural arch and there is also Cabu Nieddu, famous for the waterfalls into the sea, the only ones in Italy, few kilometers at north.

Travel tips

Remember to fill up with petrol when you leave as there is a lack of petrol stations in this area.


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