Maratea – Motorcycle trip between Campania and Basilicata – Itinerary from Sapri

A motorcycle itinerary from Sapri to Maratea, The Pearl of Tyrrhenian Sea, along the state road SS18 overlooking the sea to discover an amazing borgo full of unique tastes.

foto maratea mare statale

Inspired by the famous movie of Rocco Papaleo, Basilicata Coast to Coast, we decided to do a motorbike tour heading to the starting point of their journey: Maratea.

We left from Salerno and honestly we can’t miss to suggest you to take the panoramic state road SS18 from Sapri (best known for Carlo Pisacane Shipment of June 28, 1857, mentioned in verse from the famous poetry “La spigolatrice di Sapri” by Luigi Mercantini) to Maratea. Going south you will drive overlooking the sea, between rocks and discovering beautiful beaches at every bend, because the view is wonderful.

maratea strada moto statale costieraMaratea, also called The Pearl of Tyrrhenian Sea, is little but full of treasures: sea caves, quiet beaches and lush mountains that plunge into the clear waters, Maratea is also of great interest for swimming lovers. The snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be happy thanks to a seabed rich in vegetation. The borgo is a typical mediterranean one with white houses, narrow streets and romantic squares. Ph. by © José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro /, CC BY-SA 4.0

maratea centro vicoli motoYou can’t leave the borgo without trying the local food, fish at the restaurants in the harbour and meat in the scenic streets in the center. There are so many different typical dishes that we can’t taste everything. We suggest not to miss sausages, pepperoni cruschi of Senise, vegetables and first courses like the Ciaiudedda and the fish soup. Ph. Di AlexanderVanLoon – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0

maratea cristo pianeta motoWherever you are in Maratea you can see the enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer (second in size only to that of Rio de Janeiro), twenty-one meters high and built on top of Mount San Biagio. The view from there is amazing overlooking the entire coast of Maratea. The road to reach the top of the mountain is spectacular with final breathtaking hairpin bends! Ph. di valtercirillo, Pixabay.

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