Risemousse test and review by Oscar Polli of the new enduro and cross mousse

Test and review of the Enduro and cross mousse from Risemousse, produced in Italy with new cutting-edge technologies: the opinion of Oscar Polli.

oscar polli risemousse test prova recensione mousse enduro cross

The evolution of the mousse is having a very strong push, new and old brands are producing various types of mousses, the last, in order of appearance, are the Risemousse, produced in Italy, specializing for now in enduro and cross mousses.

We have been guests of Risemousse, distributed by Innovabox, for a really in-depth test of their mousses, not only to see first-hand the quality and technological innovation that had been anticipated, but to really try them on the field. To accompany us on this day we had with us Oscar Polli, many international champions of Rally Raid, Cross and Enduro instructor, with an experience in the field of over thirty years.

oscar polli risemousse test prova recensione mousse enduro crossThe test was organized in Chignolo Po, on the route from Cross and on an adjacent enduro strip, with a standard and an extreme section. We had at our disposal, in various displacements, both the Honda and the enduro Hondas provided by RedMoto, some Yamaha and Kawasaki crosses, and 3 Rally specials.

We tested them practically all day, especially Oscar Polli, who, from his long career and experience, brings us his impressions:

oscar polli risemousse test prova recensione mousse enduro cross“In the enduro there were two tested mousses, the standard enduro with front pressure 0.7 / 0.8 and rear 0.6 / 0.7, therefore suitable for an already demanding enduro. The feeling just got into the saddle, and the twist in the corners, were excellent, especially on the small displacements like the 250cc 4t. Instead, they turned out to be a bit soft in the 450cc and upward displacements. The second enduro mousse, called X-edition, developed for the extreme enduro and nicknamed the “mousse with balls”, certainly helps the rider to overcome all obstacles, but with a pressure at 0.4 / 0.5 rear and 0.5 / 0.6 front it is possible to use it only for very short fast stretches to avoid premature deterioration.”

oscar polli risemousse test prova recensione mousse enduro cross“In the cross we tested the dedicated mousses on various motorbike displacements with an excellent feeling both in the straight and in the curves, also the feedback in the jumps with a good restart in landing is excellent. In my opinion, the Cross version Risemouse is an excellent mousse for the amateur motocross user who does not want to puncture.”

Positive final result for the feeling and confidence that you have as soon as you get in motion and for their behavior; we at Moto Excape, used to grind more kilometers, than “extreme” obstacles, we are waiting for a mouse for maxi and / or over 450cc bikes, for long journeys such as rally raids and for off-road events in general in which we really don’t want the puncture. In this direction the front of the cross model has a pressure of 1.0 / 1.1 bar that is more in line with our needs.

oscar polli risemousse test prova recensione mousse enduro crossThe test was accompanied by an assembly demonstration, very fast thanks to the ad hoc Star automatic machine. We recall the main characteristics that distinguish the Risemousse mousse:

  • It has no expiration date, it does not pulverize, it is not cut.
  • It is produced with new compositions of technopolymers with nanotechnology which allows the mousse to guarantee maximum performance during its use, maintaining a progressive memory of its density.
  • The degree of softness of the product varies if it is at rest or in use.
  • Its maximum softness is reached after a few minutes of use, however depending on the weather conditions, and resumes its rigidity when it is at rest.
  • They have an average duration of 60 hours in the Enduro, 15-20 hours in the Cross and a race with maximum performance in the case of Extreme Enduro discipline.

The manufacturer recommends the use of the tire stopper and the specific gel for their materials that is inside the package, while we at Moto Excape recall that use on roads open to the public is not permitted by the law. For more information visit the site www.risemousse.com.

We thank Oscar Polli for his technical and reliable feedback and Risemousse for organizing a really in-depth test. Ride safe! F.C.

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