Riding for Happiness: day 43 – Carlo Avati at Borjomi (Georgia)

The travel journal of Carlo Avati on his Riding For Happiness adventure to Bhutan.

riding for happiness georgia carlo avati

Travel day number 43, I’m in Georgia as always riding East!

The plan of the day is to reach Tbilisi, but how can you not overstay with such a hospitality and fresh Georgian mama’s cookies? Theoretically, I’m lactose intolerant, but I will make an exception for just another day; I promise. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, a wise man once told me (Mr Clark; my math teacher back in boarding school). Some plans, though, are just made to fail I guess…. Laying in my double bed, in my private room (6 euros per night!), I make the very easy decision of extending my stay.

I spend the morning updating my travel diary and sending emails to various friends and sponsors, just to signal that I’m still alive and life has been really good so far; happy days.  After a full course menu (finally without meat) in the best restaurant in town (the bill is less than 5 euros), I opt for a short hike in Borjomi’s National Park. At my return, I’m once again greeted by my Georgian mama, but this times instead of wine, she is serving me ChaCha, a local liquor with an alcohol level above 70%; devastating! Just to demonstrate how strong it is she pours a bit into a bowl and sets it on fire. It goes without saying that I spend the following 10 minutes playing with the fire. Later in the day I finally have the chance to interview mama and her daughter, Ana.

My journey continues on the path to happiness, follow me to find out how far we will get! Carlo Avati – Riding for Happiness.

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