Penice Pass the curvy road between Lombardy and Emilia

Curve, buon cibo e sempre tante moto in ogni weekend. Il Passo del Penice è un intramontabile giro da fare almeno una volta al mese!

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Val Trebbia - Emilia Romagna
Cerchi un Hotel, un Ristorante o altro?

The Penice Pass is a classic among bikers in Italy, for every bike and for those who want curves and good food.

Curvy roads for our motorbikes in an amazing area, famous for its rustic and genuine tastes. The Pass (1.149 m) is at monte Penice’s feet (1.460 m), in the comune of Bobbio.

Table of contents

  1. The road
  2. Bobbio
  3. Other roads
  4. Map and information

The road

It’s located along the ex A-road 461 of the pass of Penice, now provincial road, starting in Voghera, following the Staffora’s valley and, crossed the comune of Varzi, passing in Menconico, in the province of Pavia, to go down after the pass in Bobbio in the province of Piacenza with the name of provincial road 461 R. Immediately after the pass, to Bobbio, you can ride the ex A road 412 of Val Tidone’s valley (Pass of Penice – Castel San Giovanni – Milan), heading to Tidone’s valley in the comune of Romagnese, through the pass of  Tre strade.



Bobbio, in Val Trebbia, is located at the foot of Mount Penice. It was one of the main centers of religious culture in Italy and a cosmopolitan center of art, culture and science. A destination not to be missed for your motorcycle tours or as a stop on the planned itinerary.

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Bobbio – Ponte Gobbo

You cannot leave Bobbio in the summer without first having crossed the Ponte Gobbo and having made the grind and a stop in the local bars in the center, to enjoy the walk and the coolness, which here always allows you to recover from the heat.

Other roads

Often, for those who want to grind more kilometers, you can join the Strada della Val D’Aveto and cross the hills in Liguria.

Important way of communication in the past when it allowed to keep contacts between the monastery of San Colombano di Bobbio and its possessions (through the nearby Crocetta pass with the Tidone valley) and communications through the imperial fiefs created by Charlemagne to maintain control of the accesses to the sea, it has gradually lost its political-commercial importance to keep only the tourist one.

Other information

At the point of the pass, around a square used as a parking lot, there are restaurants, hotels and bars, and in the surrounding area a fair number of holiday homes. The panorama is exceptional, dominating the upper Val Tidone, the sloping hilly ridges of the Oltrepò, the entire Lombard section of the Po valley and the Central Alps; on clear days it is even possible to see peaks of the Bernese Oberland such as the characteristic slanting pyramid of the Finsteraarhorn behind the peaks on the border.

In the square of Bobbio there is the statue of San Colombano nominated patron and protector of motorcyclists.

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