Mototourism Adventouring – the success of the Transitalia Marathon

transitalia marathon fmi denispro

Few weeks after the HAT Sanremo-Sestriere, the Transitalia Marathon has just finished, from Rimini to Pescara, the great party of Mototourism combined with the big show of the World Rally Raid.

The event is now very famous (there is a click day for the registrations), full of sponsors and with a team machine working all year long. This year our correspondent is Denis Propenso (Denispro), who ended the 2018 edition riding the “little but amazing” Honda CRF 250 rally.

The Click Day

The adventure started in January, on the day of the registration I was ready at the pc at 1 p.m hoping to be one of the participans. Few minutes after the confirmation arrived so I got it! My evocative destination was waiting for me on the 26th of September: Transitalia Marathon.

-1 The day before

I arrived in Rimini the day before the race, on wednesday 26th September, I left my luggage at the hotel and I ran to the main square where my motorbike was checked, then I had my number, a roadmap and I received some gadgets.

Waiting for my friends of the club “i Gavini di Patagonia“, I admired the motorbikes on display. There were very beautiful models but the most watched was the little Honda. I got impressed by the Guzzi Falcon of 1944, the owner is Hans Peter, the BMW of the eighties prepared by Fatichi who attented the Rally dei Faraoni and the Honda Africa Twin rally of team Boano, the best one I think.

When my 10 friends of club “il gruppo dei Gavini” arrived, included the only and amazing female rider Manuela, we saw the opening ceremony and then we had dinner together.

  • transitalia marathon fmi denispro

D-Day 27th of September

The start was emotional, thanks also to Mirco Urbinati who prepared a red carpet on stage so it seemed to be at the Dakar! Then it’s time to go among pictures, music and adrenaline.

1° step from Rimini to Passignano of Trasimeno in Umbria, about 280 Km

After 20 km on asphalt, we entered the offroad mode. I released the posterior wheel’s ABS and I started enjoying my motorbike, lighter and more agile than the Husquavarna 701, the KTM 690 and other many BMW R 1200 GS, KTM 990, Honda Africa Twin…

The road was sliding fast, in a fog of sand and I felt to be a professional rally rider. Along the route there were some stops at rest areas in little villages and it was full of suppplies to drink and to eat. The staff followed us giving suggestions and all was very well organized! The landscapes changed from hills to fields, from peaks to the Lake Trasimeno: we arrived here on sunset and Mirco Urbinati himself took our roadmaps. An amazing day ended with a delicious dinner and a pleasant evening talking with friends.

2° step towards Cascia about 260 km

This step, according to the staff, was more challenging than the previous one. Ready, steady, go! I rode full gas because I was confident with my motorbike since the beginning both in long and fast sections and in steep and stony downhills.

I passed many riders because my motorbike was fast and I kept full gas when I could, being the fastest in all the situations except for the straight sections. I wanted to slow down a bit sometimes to admire the beautiful landscape. The step ended in Cascia, where a spectacular happy hour with music was held.

3° step Cascia Pescara about 310 km

I woke up full of enthusiasm, I didn’t feel the tiredness and with my friends Gavini I started a new adventure. At the feet of Gran Sasso, the staff stopped us telling us to slow down a bit and to ride in groups of three at 30 km/h. When the ban was off I rode full gas and I was again the fastest.

We reached Pescara at sunset, overlooking the sea: a wonderful landscape combined with beer, cheers, beautiful girls, a great dinner and live music.

My experience at Transitalia Marathon was amazing. The organization was perfect and there was the feeling of being all brothers and sisters, part of a big family.

I thank Mirco Urbinati and his staff, my friends and Tiziano Monti for the personal touches on my Honda CRF 250 rally!

Denis Propenso (Denispro) – Photo Credits: Alessio Corradini

Bio of the Rider: 41, born in Prato, he works as a textile artisan. Motorbiker and enduro rider since he was a little boy. He likes driving offroad with motorbikes, bikes, and cars. He is considered an expert of the dangerous routes of the hills of Calvana.

Riding Honda CFR 250 Rally he attended these events: Darty Track, Rally dell’Umbria, the Trail of the Boar and Transitalia Marathon. He is planning an offroad tour in Sardinia.

transitalia marathon fmi denispro
“Transitalia Marathon is a wonderful event Tourist recognized by the IMF already in its first edition held in 2015. The IMF, however, innovative and attentive to any new expression of motorcycling, with its new sector called Mototurismo Adventouring collected the needs of all those that make the motorcycle a means to explore new forms of travel and adventure. a new form of tourism, compared to the classic touring, the opportunity for participants to experience the emotions that you can try exploring the well articulated paths are gravel roads and that put participants in contact not only with the culture, art and history of our country but also with the beauty of nature that Italy offers in all its many forms. beautiful views and natural views that can be admired only with streets that are often not beaten by those unfamiliar with this type of routes. The Mototurismo Adv entouring, through events such as the Marathon Transitalia, by then the opportunity to address these routes on roads mainly natural background in full respect of the land and the environment. Wait, the latter, which are dear to the IMF so that the same has significantly increased its institutional and educational commitment to its members on important issues and current. A beautiful new tourism through events such as the Marathon Transitalian will do in the near future a significant increase.” John Copioli – President of the Italian Motorcycle Federation

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