Motorcycle tour near Milan: Campo dei Fiori and Lake Varese

A splendid itinerary in Lombardy to discover the historic SWM motorcycle factory, Lake Varese and through the Campo dei Fiori Park.

lago varese campo dei fiori fabbrica swm
On the road to Campo dei Fiori
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Short motorcycle itinerary near Milan to discover the natural beauties of Lake Varese, Campo dei Fiori and the SWM factory.

Our motorcycle itinerary in Lombardy starts from a historic location, the famous SWM factory, in Biandronno in the province of Varese, on the shores of the lake of the same name.

lago varese campo dei fiori fabbrica swmSpeedy Working Motors (SWM) was founded in 1971 and soon became known in the off-road world for its many winning models in different categories and displacements for several years. After several vicissitudes, in the eighties, the factory saw the end of SWM vehicle production and the plant was used for other brands. Production resumed in 2015, totally new (for products, for corporate structure and market target) and which gave work back to about 100 employees of the many who previously worked in the plant. We have been there, happy to have seen and experienced all the phases of production, from the design, to the style center and to the assembly of these splendid motorcycles in full growth and evolution.



The SWM Factory is the perfect place for the departure of our tour, less than an hour from the center of Milan and a few minutes from Varese and Como.

lago varese campo dei fiori fabbrica swm
Campo dei Fiori

From Capolago (VA) we reach Cocquio Trevisago and take the SP29 towards Brinzio. The curves are docile and the walk pleasant. As you enter the beautiful woods of the Campo dei Fiori Park, driving becomes more and more fun, also because there is very little traffic. We come to Brinzio, where we divert to Campubella and Alpe Tedesco in the Cinque Vette Park. We skip the Valganna road and we cut to Cuasso al Monte. The road rises and the view becomes more and more suggestive from above. At the top the road becomes narrow and winding, but it is so deeply immersed in the woods that at times it seems that there are goblins and fairytale animals spying on us.

A short stretch, but one of perfect ones when time is short or we simply don’t want to do too many miles and enjoy nature. In fact, there are so many people who give up cars or motorcycles and decide to take beautiful walks along these splendid paths.


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