Umbria short tour by motorcycle – Todi and Corbara Lake

From Corbara Lake to Todi, a motorbike itinerary to discover the wonders of Umbria, natural landscapes and medieval Borghi.

todi umbria lago corbara panorama

Umbria is famous in the world for the variety of landscapes, its medieval borghi, the cuisine and good wine: it’s a pleasure to discover its roads on motorbike, bend after bend.

Following the Tiber river towards south-west, along the scenic SS448 you will reach the Corbara Lake. The artificial lake was born with the construction of the hydroelectric reservoir on the Tiber river in the sixties and was named after the city of Corbara, in the comune of Orvieto. Corbara Lake is part of the protected area of the Tiber River Park, a natural area in Umbria. It has jagged shores which extend into a deep and narrow gorge till Todi (Forello gorge) and is lined by the state route 448 on the left side. Casa Vissani, the famous temple of the italian cuisine, and many prestigious wineries are nearby and they are gathered in the “Consorzio di tutela del Lago di Corbara DOC”.


todi umbria lago corbara panoramaKnown as “the most liveable city in the world” (even if the inhabitants prefer calling it “the ideal city”!) Todi is an elegant medieval city at the top of a hill overlooking the Tiber valley. Located not far away from Perugia and Orvieto, the town is characterised by three circles of walls (Etruscan, Roman and Medieval) along which you can still admire hidden treasures. Here you can see Palazzo Comunale, a complex including Palazzo del Popolo where you can visit The Lapidary Museum, the Civic Art Gallery and the Etruscan and Roman Museum, the XIII century’s Palazzo del Capitano and Palazzo dei Priori, maybe the best of three, completed in the XIV century. The Duomo, built in the XII century on the remains of a greek temple dedicated to Apollo, has a long staircase and a Romanesque facade. The top of the staircase is the perfect spot for fantastic pictures of the entire square. Foto Todi: di Mika Auramo CC BY 3.0

To ease the hunger we stopped at Trattoria Da Piero e Silvana. The cuisine is genuine, you can taste poor dishes, such as a soup of legumes, or traditional dishes with truffle and porcini mushrooms or typical bushmeat, served with homemade bread and, for dinner, a special pizza.

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