Arrone and Cascata delle Marmore – discovering Umbria on motorcycle

Arrone, a borgo to reach on motorbike to discover the beauty of Umbria from medieval castles to natural landscpaes.

cascata marmore umbria italia moto itinerario strada giro
Cascata delle Marmore (ph. Canva)
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Arrone is located in the heart of Umbria, very close to the famous Cascata delle Marmore and cities like Terni, Spoleto and Rieti.

It’s on the list of the most beautiful villages (in italian “borghi”) of Italy so it’s a must see destination during our motorbike trips and tours.

Table of contents

  1. Arrone
  2. What to see
  3. What to do
  4. Local cuisine


Immersed in the wild nature of the Black River park, the Borgo was built in the Middle Ages to “watch over” the area so it’s known as a “hillock castle”. In the surroundings you’ll find: Roman mills, medieval hermitages and monasteries, industrial and archeological buildings such as the lignite mine in the hamlet of Buonacquisto.

Arrone - Umbria moto itinerari strade percorse giro borghi
Arrone – Umbria (ph. Canva)

What to see

Arrone includes three residential settlements: two ancient ones, called La Terra and Santa Maria, and a third recent one, which fortunately is peripheral and located in the flat part along the road to Polino. The settlement called La Terra is the oldest one with the castle of the Arroni.
Attractions: the Gothic church of San Giovanni Battista and the Porta di San Giovanni that connects the two ancient villages.
Wandering through the streets, you’ll see: the tower of the olive trees, the civic bell tower, the sixteenth-century church of Santa Maria Assunta with its XV century portal and decorated with frescoes and interesting pieces of pottery of the XVI century. When you reach the hamlet of Casteldilago with its medieval Castle, you can visit the church of San Valentino and the church of San Nicola. Do not miss the panoramic route leading to the sanctuary of the Madonna dello Scoglio to enjoy a splendid view of the entire Valnerina valley.

What to do

Arrone, so immersed in nature, is perfect for outdoors activities, starting with a visit to the nearby Marmore Falls. Discover with a mountain-bike excursion the most beautiful areas of the Nera River Park, up to the Cascata delle Marmore, or experience the canoeing school and the rafting school both suitable for children. Wonderful Trekking routes are a valid option if you want to leave your motorbike for a while.

What to taste

Typical products of the area of Arrone are extra virgin olive oil, truffles, freshwater fish species like trout and crayfish. Wild berries are aboundant and honey is excellent. Not to mention the delicacy of the pecorino cheese and the salami and seasoned meats, ham and sausages of the famous “norcineria della Valnerina”.

Among the first courses, those related to “river fishing” stand out: crayfish brodetto (soup), ciriole with trout fillets and black truffle, a dish of tagliolini with crayfish. Speaking of second courses, we suggest the classic “scottadito” of lamb with a mince of lard and herbs, and the trout boiled with truffles.

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