Motor Bike Expo 2019 – discount or exposition?

MBE Verona 2019 discount or exposition? A a unique disappointment

MBE verona motor bike expo 2019

Verona, Motor Bike Expo 2019: the beginning of the end?

The 2019 edition left us honestly quite disappointed. First of all, there was a tangible drop in quality exhibitors: we are talking about many producers in this sector who have decided not to invest more in a fair that now has more the appearance of a street market (without offense to those) .

We spoke with many visitors and with many of the exhibitors present, who confirmed our impression: the costs are high, the services also (the wi-fi for those who exhibit 4 days has an unreasonable price) and now the standard of the fair is dropped to such an extent that it is no longer an investment but only a waste of money and energy. We must admit that now EICMA beats all hands down, moreover, although extremely burdensome, the Milan fair offers two days for operators and press, as well as many more services and visibility.

Speaking of communication, I found it personally ridiculous and anachronistic, receiving the average credit for only one day. The pass for the other days is reserved for registered journalists. So who exposes is also denied the visibility they would have with bloggers, youtuber and many other colleagues who work a lot and very well, without being registered to order. Too bad that those who pay to expose pay also for communication services.

As for the exhibition, we have fortunately also seen many beautiful bikes, prepared by art, many accessories without the crush of Milan, the shows helped by the discrete weather of Saturday and Sunday. Many beautiful things for our eyes but a drop here too of the garages and tuners, their custom and café racer: they will certainly have opted for better investments. The most famous brands, apart from the Japanese houses (with cars, snowmobiles and mower), have chosen to make small “representative” stands, at least to show the latest news not present in Milan (very few). Better with the tourism, travel and off-road sector.

On the other hand, the “street vendors” and the temporary stores, which are now the owners of the fair with their thousand offers and visitors who go there to find the deal, the chinese piece of crap, the Paki leather jacket or the remainder of 2003, are growing constantly.

The press release, in which the organizers declare an increase in inflows, might be true, but if this is the trend, wasting 18 euros is an expense that I think can be avoided. Either they lower prices, or do something to bring back a fair that was considered technical and superior to EICMA for content quality.

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