Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer – Test and review touring on the Lakes

Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer - Agile and fun - Touring test and review on Lake Orta

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On a hot April afternoon we decided to test the V9 Roamer, which we believe represents the best bike between everyday use and medium/short-range touring, even with the passenger on.

Moto Guzzi has always been the best expression of Italian custom for generations, looking at innovation and style.

How is it

prova recensione test moto guzzi v9 roamer reviewThe first impression gives us the feeling of a fine and compact bike, well finished to confirm the timeless good taste of the Eagle of Mandello. Once on the saddle we have a beautiful and comfortable padding beneath us, with the right and well-studied passenger seat that supports us in acceleration. Even the passenger has a nice space to relax and enjoy the journey. The bike is light and the saddle low, therefore there’s maximum stability for all. The V9 Roamer is very interesting for the ladies too.


The instruments are essential, everything is in the speedometer: trip and trip computer for mileage, time and consumption, but there’s no autonomy indicator or the amount of fuel left (anyway the 15 liter tank makes us travel a lot). In my opinion, a little old school, instead of the strobe led that tells us when to change gear, the tachometer would be preferable.

How it goes

We ride towards Lago D’Orta and immediately into the highway. The position is excellent, no fatigue is felt and even after almost an hour I can say that there is an excellent balance of posture between arms, torso and legs. Even the passenger tells me that he is fine. The aerodynamic protection is good: the small fairing pushes the air at the right point on the helmet and we can keep a good pace at 130kmh. For the taller ones, perhaps the larger windshield is more suitable, but would create more turbulence too.

Once near the lake, the party begins. The engine pushes very well at low revs: the two cylinders have a good torque and we appreciate it more and more as the curves intensify. The six-speed gearbox is precise and the gears stick in very well one after the other, aided by the torque that never leaves us hanging halfway through the bend. We try with and without a passenger and obviously, once we are alone, we ride harder into the curves with great handling and an incredible confidence, as if we had been driving that bike for years. Braking in tight spaces requires a decisive action by the driver, however helped and reassured by the front and rear ABS system. The chassis is well designed and transmits excellent feedback both in the strait and in the fastest stretches.

In conclusion

We finish the tour with that desire to do so many more kilometers, but the clouds are getting closer. We can therefore say that the V9 Roamer is seriously the right compromise for those who look with an eye to style and with the other to a bike that I would dare to call eclectic. It is placed in that segment of classic motorcycles, with an elegant design, with a double chrome exhaust that is very popular, but without sacrificing comfort and performance, both in touring and everyday life.

prova recensione test moto guzzi v9 roamer reviewIt behaved well on the motorway, in urban traffic and between curves and hairpin bends without boring us, on the contrary:

  • the light weight and the manageability make it therefore suitable for everyday use, be it the journey home work or the happy hour;
  • comfort, ergonomics and a rich catalog of accessories confirm it is ideal for tourist use even in two;
  • the 850cc engine and chassis are the perfect match for those who also want an engine capable of making every ride so much fun on the most beautiful roads of Italy and the World.

For more info visit Moto Guzzi.

The test took place on Lago D’Orta close to Val D’Ossola e Lago Maggiore.

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