Monti Aurunci motorcycle itinerary in Lazio finding out the elixir of life

A wonderful road overlooking the sea: from Ceprano through the mountain range of Monti Aurunci to the Gulf of Gaeta.

monti aurunci in moto panorama lazio

A wonderful road overlooking the sea.

This is the regional road SR82 from Ceprano to the sea, through the  mountain range of Monti Aurunci: a beautiful view on the the Gulf of Gaeta, in the north towards the valle del Liri and in the south towards the fertile pianura del Garigliano.

Starting from Ceprano, the road will reach the  1.300 meters asl. There are many bends (pay attention to brecciolino!) but the landscape is breathtaking. Your journey will be delighted by the Mediterranean scrub and the pleasant scent of summer time.

The road crosses the Valle del Liri ending in Campodimele, a little town at an elevation of 647 meters. The borgo has important historic attractions like the monastery of Sant’Onofrio, originally built in the 11th century. Don’t miss a stroll along the Ancient Walls, restored in the 90′. Campodimele is known for the longevity of its residents, with the town’s population now expected to live to an average age of 84 (women) and 77 (men). And now what do you expect: go and taste the typical genuine food!

castello itri monti aurunciThe road continues towards the sea, surrounded by an amazing nature. There are many paths in the park if you like trekking and, if you are lucky, you will spot birds of prey like the peregrine falcon and the buzzard or you can discover the many caves in the area. Once in Itri, a medieval town, with its beautiful castle, we suggest to visit the main center, the church of San Michele Arcangelo (11th century) and the church of St. Maria Maggiore, completely rebuilt after the bombing of the World War II. A very unique place is the Museum of banditry in ItriPh. Wikipedia by trolvag, CC BY-SA 3.0

From this point the road going to Gaeta starts and, bend after bend, you feel the need to stop to take pictures of the incredible landscape around you. If you want to go back for a new adventure, you can take the road from Circeo to the Roman Castles.

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