Midland BTX1 PRO S Bluetooth and long range intercom

Midland BTX1 PRO S - Maximum audio performance on motorcycle for a perfect sound and intercom communication up to 800 and 3 connected devices.

btx1 pro s midland interfono intercom bluetooth pilota passeggero moto
Cerchi un Hotel, un Ristorante o altro?

BTX1 PRO S The evolution of the communication system between driver and passenger and other riders at the best quality/price ratio.

Speaking of travels, how many times are we walking around with friends, even just on two bikes, gesturing or screaming from bike to bike? The lucky ones are called using the telephone connected in bluetooth to the various intercom brands.

This model is currently the only one on the entry level market to offer the conference function for up to 3 people (in addition to the classic one-to-one always at 3 in full duplex) and conversations between motorcycles and motorbikes up to 800 meters.

Nostalgic premise on Midland: it was 2003, when, with a dear friend, we decided to go to Milwaukee for the Harley Davidson Centenary. At the time we used a PMR Midland “walkie talkie” system, even with the laryngophone (the one mounted on the neck that looked a lot like special forces). Everything worked perfectly, with an undisputed sound quality, although the communication via radio while riding is not very practical. Everything was then happily seized by the American police for “their security reasons”. Subsequently the first serious intercoms with bluetooth Midland arrived: I started several years ago with the BTX1, going to the BTX1 FM above all to handle phone calls and music: impeccable products, such as Midland assistance, which for my mention of a headset maybe not perfect (out of warranty) they sent me a complete set at home without charging me a euro. But after years of honorable service the time has come to try new technologies.

BTX1 PRO S – Double

The new BTX1 PRO S looks even more solid, slightly more protruding than the old model (due to the new attack), but certainly more advanced. In the package we find the two intercoms, already synchronized between each other for immediate use, instructions (very clear) and the assembly kit that only includes the connection with bi-adhesive (with folding wings to better adapt to the curves of the helmets finally).

btx1 pro s midland interfono intercom bluetooth pilota passeggero motoThe installation is quick and immediate, both on my Shoei J-Cruise which I almost always use, and on the Schuberth openable by Massimo, my traveling companion and long chats about food. The cables disappear inside the pads without creating any pressure points. Positive note, the device, for recharging, now slips away from its contact attachment in an instant without having to disconnect various cables and a double charging cable is included in the package.

The controls are unchanged and always intuitive (also to be memorized), both for intercom functions, for the telephone and the radio: central key, forward, back, volume up, volume down (with their various functions based on use). The pressure on the keys is a bit harder but maybe because they are new. However, with winter gloves, we don’t encounter any problems. To test the range of 800 meters we start immediately to ride along the lakes.

As soon as we switch on we are already in intercom mode, with vox function, so, as soon as I say something, communication is activated immediately. We connect phones and radios, which can be excluded during communications or left active in the background. In the city the communication is excellent, from around 400 meters we lose a bit of quality when there are buildings to hinder the radius of action, especially during the turns when one remains behind. The system can also be configured with the various TFTs of BMW, Ducati, Ktm.

On the motorway, audio quality immediately makes the difference: both music and voice are heard perfectly with the new hi-fi earphones with Superbass, Digital Noise Killer (environmental noise reduction), Noise Gate (volume increase based on turbulence) and Equalizer (now that I enjoy the sound of AC / DC), a real leap forward compared to the past. We carry about 600 meters away, at 120kmh and we talk really well without missing a word, sometimes even the volume down, despite the roar of my harley and my open helmet. Arrived at about 700/800 meters (those declared), sometimes even a little more, we start to lose signal, but we expected it. However remarkable for a set of this quality and at this price.

We arrive on the lakes and here, curve after curve, we realize how useful this flow is, first because often we don’t travel together, but everyone has his step. Second to signal any obstacles or deviations, between curves and tunnels: finally one feels free to drive without the worry of being fixed on the mirrors to see who is behind, or maybe chase after what precedes us. In the meantime we manage to manage music, fm radio and phone calls with a few simple gestures (it takes very little to learn them) and an audio quality never felt before. Honestly we are not going to see the exact distance between us during the tour, but, except for a few cases, with middle tunnels, we have always been in communication also because you have to consider the air flow that separates you, not the meters… so, in open field, the true road distance can also increase.

What we liked: the incomparable audio quality, the range of almost 800 meters without interference, the quick assembly, the intuitive and quick midland controls, the device’s attack and release from its base, the aerodynamic shape, the price.

What we did not like: the hard keys, the device a more protruding hair than the previous model, the lack of the clamp attachment (for those who don’t trust the bi-adhesive).

Why we will continue to use Midland: for the reasons I mentioned above and above all for an Italian assistance really above average, kind, helpful and above all dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Main features:

  • The extraordinary audio quality thanks to the Digital Noise Killer, Noise Gate and Equalizer functions and to the quality of the HiFi speakers and with Superbass.
  • The FM radio, with 6 stations that can be memorized, 23 hours of battery life: practically a weekend on the bike without need to recharge.
  • The compatibility with the new TFT systems of BMW, KTM, DUCATI…
  • The design and ergonomics (keys in relief easily recognizable and usable with gloves)
  • The connection to two mobiles
  • The waterproofness of the chassis, which does not fear the rainThe setting via dedicated APP (or via software, to download to your computer)

Il BTX1 PRO S is offered in single or double pack (with a significant discount): 169,00 euro (single); 289,00 euro (double).

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