LS2 the new clothing line : safety, comfort and quality.

LS2, among the world's leading manufacturers of helmets in the world market, is now also the protagonist with a new line of technical clothing for Sport Touring, Touring and Adventure.

ls2 abbigliamento clothing apparel

LS2, born eleven years ago in Barcelona, ​​an incredible, cosmopolitan and modern city, now one of the first helmet-producing brands in the world market, is now protagonist of the market with brand new clothing and apparel line.

The commitment to the safety of the motorcyclists has allowed LS2 to look beyond the helmets, to complete the development of an apparel collection, dedicated in particular to the sport touring, touring, adventure and urban worlds: jackets and trousers speaking to a target interested in safety, quality and design.

ls2 abbigliamento clothing apparelThe LS2 2019 collection presents fourteen garments dedicated to the male and female universe, all made with the use of technical, lightweight and protective materials, which do not fail to amaze for their decisive style that follows the trends of the moment and which combines an excellent comfort level. An eclectic collection featuring perfect garments suitable for both motorcycles and scooter worlds, but with cuts and features that allow them to be weared even on free time.

Fabric and protections chosen to realize and complete the first official LS2 collection meet the highest European safety and protection standards.

The first LS2 collection, characterized by comfortable and protective garments, presents jackets, trousers and suits perfect for all uses, from the challenging one on the saddle to medium and large displacement bikes, up to the daily use in urban commuting on the scooter.

ls2 abbigliamento clothing apparelLS2 jackets dedicated to the sport touring, touring and adventure worlds are interpreted by DART, LANCE and PHASE models. Three technical jackets, equipped with interiors and absolute protective elements, which make them perfect for heavy-duty use on large-displacement bikes, able to cope with rough riding and climatic conditions. Made with the most modern quality and protective materials, approved according to the strictest European standards, the LS2 collection jackets are ready to be worn by the most demanding motorcyclists looking for an excellent protection-comfort-style mix. The DART and LANCE models are available with a male’s cut, while PHASE is also available with a female’s cut.

Two are the technical trousers included in the catalog, which is completed with the CHART EVO models, in men’s and women’s cut, and NIMBLE, available with men’s cut. Both models, realized with technical fabrics and completed with inserts and details that make them very comfortable and extremely protective, are conceived with an eye to the worlds sport touring, touring and adventure.

In the first collection of the Spanish brand there is no lack of the TONIC jacket/trousers and the COMMUTER jacket, both characterized by waterproof and breathable fabrics, perfect for total protection against rain, wind and other atmospheric agents.

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