A motorcycle itinerary in Marche – the Renaissance from Urbino to Fano

A motorbike itinerary starting from Urbino, in Montefeltro, passing the amazing Furlo Gorge and ending in Fano; a perfect tour between bends, art, nature and tastes.

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A motorbike itinerary starting from Urbino, in Montefeltro, passing the amazing Furlo Gorge and ending in Fano; a perfect tour between bends, art, nature and tastes.

The region Marche is not so famous as the other ones nearby, but its hospitality and tourism are unique. You can choose between sea villages, medieval towns, natural beauties and excellent and tasteful products.

Starting from Urbino

urbino palazzo ducaleUrbino, a Unesco heritage site, is one of the most precious historic center of Italy, surrounded by spectacular and many times rebuilt walls. You have to pass 4 circles of walls to reach the heart of the so called “ideal city” and to visit a symbol of the Renaissance: the Ducale Palace. Don’t miss inside this Palace the Marche’s Nationl Gallery, to admire these XV century’s paintings: Piero Della Francesca’s “Flagellation of Christ” and “The Madonna of Senigallia”, the Laurana’s “Ideal city”, and Raffaello’s “The Mute Woman”.
To enjoy the lanscape of Montefeltro, you can’t miss a stroll heading to the Albornoz Fortress. In the park of this XIV century military fortress you will have an amazing view of the city and its hills. Ph. di valtercirillo, Pixabay

Between Urbania, Acqualagna and the Furlo Gorge

itinerario in moto urbino fano - urbaniaFollow the funny bends of SS73bs to reach Urbania. The city is famous as a ceramics and majolica production centre and for its portico (it’s called “the Little Bologna”). There is a curious story about two bridges outside the walls: the Cocci bridge was thus named for its ceramic workshops which were nearby and because, according to tradition, the ceramists left their earthenware (cocci) to dry on the parapets of the bridge on river Metauro; the Riscatto bridge was thus called due to the presence of an antique rotunda erected for devotion to the Madonna Del Riscatto (of redemption). Ph. By Diego Baglieri – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Follow now the provincial road 55 heading to Acqualagna, one of the few areas where the truffles can be harvested and marketed throughout the year and where every November there’s the National White Truffle Festival: of course you have to stop for a taste!
After the Borgo, there is the Furlo Gorge, in Fossombrone, passing near the Candigliano river, a tributary of the Metauro. The Via Flaminia in that very point contains a tunnel called the “forulus” (small hole) in ancient times: this was dug in the narrowest point on order of Vespasiano in 77 B.C. to allow travellers to cross the Apennines from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic side. In February 2001, the Furlo Gorge National Nature Reserve was established and every year numerous are the sightings of the Royal Eagle.

Heading to Fano

Along SS73bis, we suggest to visit Mondavio, a town even today enclosed within its ancient wall boundaries and protected by a mighty fortress, belonged to many different and powerful noble families like Malatesta, Piccolomini, Medici, Montefeltro and Della Rovere.

itinerario in moto urbino fano - fanoFrom the hills you can spot the sea and a landscape similar to a painting in the section between the church of San Salvatore and the convent of Monte Giove. Any visit to Fano must inevitably start at the Arch of Augustus. We suggest to wander through the city from the Renaissance galleries of San Michele to the Cathedral, to the XX settembre square with the Palazzo della Ragione and the Corte Malatestiana. Ph. di Aetio65, Pixabay

To taste

Taste the truffles of Acqualagna, the Dop cheese like Casciotta of Urbino, a dish of piada or crescia with salami coated with beeswax or ash and, if you are very hungry, also the typical and poor trippa marchigiana. On the seaside you have to try the “brodetto“, made with ten different fishes.

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