Iglesiente: Sardinia tour between sea, history and land.

Iglesiente, the mining region of Sardinia by motorbike, between sea and land.

Strada panoramica Iglesiente SP83 itinerario moto sardegna sulcis iglesiente mare spiagge
Strada panoramica Iglesiente SP83 - Ph. di Marco Pusceddu
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Motorbike itinerary in one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia, the Iglesiente, from Gonnesa, Porto Flavia, Iglesias and Domusnovas.

Sardinia offers suggestive motorcycle itineraries in the hinterland and the Iglesiente route by motorbike, of about 92 kilometers, departing from Gonnesa and arriving in Domusnovas, is an example of these roads.


Table of contents

  1. From Gonnesa to Buggerru
  2. Porto Flavia
  3. Between land and history
  4. Information and map

On this tour, we cross both the hinterland and the coast, in the middle, along the splendid panorama that from Fontanamare reaches Buggerru passing through the famous structure of Porto Flavia. From here we will continue to Portixeddu and then return to Fluminimaggiore, Sant’Angelo, Iglesias and Domusnovas.

The seaside

We take the SP83 from Gonnesa towards Fontamare, where some of the most beautiful and largest beaches in Sardinia welcome us, such as Sa Punta, S’Arena and Porto Paglia. From here the road rises above the sea with a truly stupendous panorama, crossing the village of Nebida to the incredible structure of Porto Flavia. Along the way there are many spots where you can stop and take pictures, but beware of heavy traffic, especially in summer.

Cala Domestica itinerario moto sardegna sulcis iglesiente mare spiagge
Cala Domestica – Ph. di elisalocci

The SP83 continues north, in a succession of curves between hills, Mediterranean scents and glimpses of the sea. Before arriving in Buggerru, you will find the Cala Domestica beach, simply spectacular. A few kilometers further on, the provincial road returns to the sea and touches the coast, full of nice places for a drink or a lunch, which from Buggerru reaches Portixeddu.

Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia itinerario moto sardegna sulcis iglesiente mare spiagge
Porto Flavia – Ph. di evgord

Porto Flavia is a service infrastructure of the mining area of Masua, no longer operational, which served as a port of embarkation for the material extracted from the nearby mines. It was designed by the Venetian engineer Cesare Vecelli and built in 1924, who gave it the name of the eldest daughter. Two superimposed galleries open sheer to the sea, with a breathtaking view of the suggestive Pan di Zucchero rock. Here you can opt for a visit to the mine machinery museum: then relax on the small beach of Porto Flavia, next to the remains of the mining structure, surrounded by a cool pine forest.

Between land and history

Tempio di Antas itinerario moto sardegna sulcis iglesiente mare spiagge
Tempio di Antas – Ph. di marmo81

Leaving the sea, you return to follow the provincial 83 and then “brush” the beautiful curves of the SS126 towards Iglesias. We then travel only 15 kilometers to get to Fluminimaggiore and then to the Temple of Antas “Sardus Pater”, the father of the Sardinians, an excellently preserved example of classical architecture. The more daring can not fail to visit the cave of Su Mannau, 500 meters long and 23 deep; it can be visited by tourists and speleologists, with different levels of difficulty. Iglesias is only 25 kilometers away, so as we travel through the Iglesiente hinterland, we take all the time to stop and admire the beautiful Lake Corsi.

Once in Domusnovas we allow ourselves a last visit to the cave of San Giovanni, a national natural monument. This rocky site was once also accessible by motorbike, but today it can only be crossed on foot.

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