Honda CRF 250 Rally at Transitalia Marathon – don’t call it little!

crf 250 rally transitalia marathon fmi denispro

Honda CRF 250 Rally, little, big, agile, fast, zippy, lightweight, in a word is terrible! It makes all maxi-enduro motorbikers smile, but you should see their faces when they are get over by motorbikes with a value of just 6000 euros.

 The new CRF 250 Rally, made on the basis of CRF 250 L, uses less gasoline (30km/L), it has 25hp and is not fast on the highway, but it’s a proper little dual, is good onroad and better offroad. Many people have already talked of it so we decided to tell you how it worked in its reign, offroad, at Transitalia Marathon, driven by Denis Propenso (Denispro) who rode it and then came back from Pescara to Prato like he was riding a maxi…

Below, these are his impressions:

Aesthetically is very good, with pleasant and harmonious plastic hulls. The rally style windscreen with two led headlights, one big and one small, is very useful at night giving you extra white light. The tall windscreen is a perfect protection from air when you ride at 110/120 km/h.

The fork and the monodamper are soft. The engine is not so powerful but it works well as needed especially offroad and at over 7000 revs does its best. I think it’s a proper dual.

transitalia marathon fmi denisproI decided to change some things in line with my way of driving:  1) the monodamper is now a Ohlins S46HR1C1. 2) Tiziano Monti replaced all the forks, springers ecc., with an Andreani kit made up for the occasion (the first rally forks are still developing). 3) I replaced the foot pegs with a pair of ergal like on enduro to ride better offroad 4) The clutch and the brake are made of unbreakable ergal 5) I replaced the muffler with a YOSHIMURA RS4. I have to admit that, after these final touches, the motorbike is different and the exhaust system gives more hp to the engine. The forks and the monodamper work perfectly and I can regulate them in order to what I wanna do, onroad or offroad.  

Driving offroad now I can completely trust it, also going really fast.

I can say my motorbike is perfect now. The only thing I would change is the engine because I would prefer a 350cc.

Denis Propenso (Denispro)

Bio of the Rider: 41, born in Prato, he works as a textile artisan. Motorbiker and enduro rider since he was a little boy. He likes driving offroad with motorbikes, bikes, and cars. He is considered an expert of the dangerous routes of the hills of Calvana.

Riding Honda CFR 250 Rally he attended these events: Darty Track, Rally dell’Umbria, the Trail of the Boar and Transitalia Marathon.

transitalia marathon fmi denispro

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