Honda Adventure Roads 2019 sudafrica
Cerchi un Hotel, un Ristorante o altro?

Honda Adventure Roads tour programme will offer riders a once-in-a-lifetime trip across southern Africa in March 2019.

The first Adventure Roads trip saw 40 motorcycle enthusiasts set out on the CRF1000L Africa Twin for an 8-day long, 3,500km journey from Oslo to Nordkapp – the northernmost point of Europe – along the twisting roads that line the stunning landscapes of Norway’s North Sea coast.


Having set the template for similar Honda-powered adventures, Honda Motor Europe will again be offering 40 riders the opportunity to ride the CRF1000L Africa Twin, and its new-for-2018 ‘Adventure Sports’ variant, on an unforgettable road trip, this time ending at the southern tip of the Africa continent.

Starting in Durban on South Africa’s eastern coast, the second Adventure Roads tour will lead its participants on a 3,200km journey across the entire width of the country – via Lesotho – to the beautiful city of Cape Town. The 12-day journey will take in the varied terrain and epic landscapes of one of the world’s greatest road trip destinations.

‘Adventure Roads 2019’ will be a turn-key package for 40 customers from across Europe. With all accommodation, guides and maintenance taken care of, the participants will arrive safe in the knowledge that they can relax, ride and enjoy. And get to meet and benefit from the riding tips of some of Honda’s HRC rally stars.

For more details of the Adventure Roads programme, and to register your interest please go to: or download the ‘Adventure Roads Outline’ from

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