HAT Pavia Sanremo 2019 – Taste the Italian Offroad Adventure

HAT Pavia Sanremo 2019 with Maxi-Enduro, Vintage Enduro, in the company of Maurizio Gerini, under three days of pouring rain that did not discourage any of the 130 participants and indeed made them have a lot of fun!


We have been waiting for months to take part in this wonderful Adventure Touring event, the first of the famous HAT Series, but 3 days of rain were not enough to stop us and all the participants!

As many as 130 motorcyclists from Italy, France, Switzerland, UK and Canada have literally challenged and won the rain, the cold and the mud: unstoppable! The second edition of this adventure trip, which can already be defined as an international event, has been conditioned by bad weather forcing the organizers to modify the sliding Discovery and Classic tracks, to guarantee riders the right level of safety and reach the destination, still having fun.

The departure from the prestigious Castello Visconteo in the historic center of Pavia has seen, immediately, suggestive passages in the central Strada Nuova and on the Ponte Coperto. From this moment on, the real adventure began with the first off-road passages along the banks of the Po, then along the slopes of the Ligurian-Piedmontese Apennines until the arrival of the first stage of Cairo Montenotte.


From there started the second day of adventure through the ancient villages of Zuccarello (Classic) and Garessio (Discovery), where a warm and coveted refreshment awaited us. On a more solid ground and with breathtaking views, despite the climate, we reached the Fort of Santa Tecla directly on the sea of Sanremo, welcomed by a beautiful sun (of course …) and by Corrado Capra who “rewarded” us all with the certificate of participation, really deserved on this tour!

To make this edition even more special was the participation of the dakarian Maurizio Gerini, present since the briefing on Friday afternoon at the Palazzo del Broletto in the center of Pavia, friendly, nice and helpful with everyone, a real athlete (and what a sight to see him go as a thunder). Started first on Saturday morning, “Gerry” completed his first HAT signed adventure reaching Sanremo on Sunday afternoon, without skipping any steps on the track!

A trouble shared is a trouble helved” is true because in the end we all had so much fun, united by rainwater, good times with all the participants and the spirit of adventure that encouraged everyone, even more than the sun. There remains the satisfaction of an adventure lived and overcome, which makes “inside” even more rich, with gratitude for the adventouring that allows all this.

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Photo di: Massimo Di Trapani. Video di: Massimo di Trapani – Giulio Romito – Lorenzo Pengue