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From Zero to Rally - The Basic Course of the Maxi-Enduro Freeracing School by Oscar Polli.

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracing

Our series of articles dedicated to those who decide to start spraying tires in off-road vehicles, even with a maxi-enduro, continues with the story of the Basic Course of the Cross and Enduro school Freeracing of Oscar Polli.

Tainate, province of Milan: at 10 am we are ready for the first enduro lesson, a little excited as the first day of school, also because to welcome us there is Oscar Polli, multi-champion of Rally Raid, fresh from victories at the Algeria Rally together with his “pupil” Lorenzo Piolini.

The bike is ready, after having tested it a little in off-road alone, we feel we are already masters of the vehicle … wrong! At least the clothing, the protections, the helmet are the right ones (even if we feel a bit like Robocop).

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracingThe basic course is dedicated to all those who begin for the first time to do enduro or who still want to improve their technique by themselves. You start to turn in this small path where Oscar and his instructors observe you for a few minutes, and when you stop you are already tired.

At the first stop the beauty begins, what you did is all wrong: you start from the position, sitting, standing , from the legs to the arms, from the bust to the hands … and resumes turning. When you make up for it you are already less tired, you begin to understand why you are there. Taking the right position avoids unnecessary fatigue and even potential pain, as well as giving you more control.

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracingAfter further practice we move on to the driving technique, first with the brakes, because stopping well is more important than starting strong, then with the curves and the role of the body, legs and weights, understood as the position of the body along the axis of the bike, which you will learn to distribute by practicing. In just a few minutes, you feel less clumsy and run in very little space with minimal effort.

You change the exercises and the steps to get rid of changes in direction and sudden body movements. In all these phases, one truly understands the experience and preparation of those who are explaining to me every single step. Like all the first lessons you always fear to do “boring” things, but when you apply them and see the result you understand how important it is to rely on competent and prepared instructors.

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracingIn the course of a morning, braking distances are reduced, agility in curves is improved, control of the bike is increased and you begin to understand how different it is to drive off-road and how beautiful it will be to discover the whole unpaved world.

The afternoon is dedicated to application of everything learned, to questions, to doubts, to debriefing. You come out tired, because it’s normal, but very satisfied and much safer than you and your bike. In my case I have also moved from feeling the change to a much lighter and more steerable bike.

If you first thought you would never put the tires out of the bitumen, now you can’t wait to move on to the next course. Oscar also tells you that at the end of June there is his maxi-enduro event and you can do it easily. Ok, I’m there, see you at the advanced course!

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