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From Zero to Rally - The Advanced Course of the Maxi-Enduro Freeracing School by Oscar Polli.

Our series of articles dedicated to those who decide to start putting tires in off-road vehicles, even with a maxi-enduro, continues with the Advanced Course of the Cross and Enduro school Freeracing of Oscar Polli.

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracingSanthià, a Motocross and enduro track of about 1,400 meters, always managed and kept in shape by Franco Bacchin, all available for us, together with the school’s motocross bikes. And I wondered what I’m doing on the Cross track at 42 years old? Oscar and his team, all qualified instructors with many years of experience, will soon make us understand it.

Let’s start with the basics, all on the dirt track, taking up where we started in the beginner course. On this round the bar is obviously raised and finally it starts to turn stronger.

The braking gets more decisive, you try so many times to stop in increasingly shorter spaces (which I never would have thought of in off-road bikes). You turn between obstacles that vary at every step (the instructors had a great time moving the pins in treachery), it seems like a game but every time you find yourself facing a different trajectory and braking, like in the real enduro but with “safety “of the cross-country track on earth.

We relieve the position and the movements of the body, now in action between the curves of the track, on the smaller bumps, where we understand the dynamics of ascents and descents, between earth and mud pitfalls.

scuola maxi enduro corso base oscar polli freeracingIt is not a banality, the track allows you to work optimally on yourself, on the automatisms, with the security that the circuit offers and under the most complete and careful supervision of the instructors. Plus feeling like a cross driver for a day is always a good feeling, even if we have the agility of a panda.

The second half-day moves to the more technical side of the circuit. The climbs are steeper, as is the descents and passages studied by Oscar. We stop to refine the technique, the posture, to understand why our hands or legs are badly affected and where we are wrong.

We are tired at the end of the day, but definitely happy. I can honestly say that I have a totally new and safe control of my bike. The automatisms are to be refined, of course, but they have become precisely such: without thinking about it I move and do everything that I was taught and that the off-road vehicle requires from the pilot.

The next appointment is always here in Santhià, but finally off-road to all effects! For more info on classes, tours and courses of Freeracing school click here.

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