DAINESE Antartica and AGV AX9: you’re ready to defy winter!

For those who ride a motorcycle in winter and with extreme weather conditions Dainese introduces at EICMA Antartica and the new helmet AGV AX9.

Dainese introduced a new product line engineered to handle the most extreme weather conditions with the perfect blend of comfort, safety and a literally space-related technology.

dainese antartica winter inverno snowDainese introduces at EICMA Explorer, the new product line made especially for on & off road Adventure Touring making use of the experience it gained with MIT in developing the gear for the astronauts, analyzing, studying, and mapping the lines of non-extension: the areas of the body along which body movement causes neither stretching or contraction. This knowledge has led to a guarantee of unprecedented lightness and comfort in a product with advanced ergonomics and an exceptional fit.

dainese antartica winter insulation The new Antarctica Gore-Tex outfit defines a new standard for motorbike exploration in the coldest lands on planet. The Antarctica outfit is the adventurous soul of Explorer. Antarctica offers exceptional isolation from external temperatures and atmospheric agents. Apart from Antartica there is also Gran Turismo, offering maximum comfort, safety and practicality for long-range journeys, the perfect garment to live fully all riding journeys all-year long, whatever the weather conditions.

agv dainese ax9We decided to combine Antartica with the new helmet AX9, the one that with Sportmodular is part of the AGV’s touring offer. AX9‘s superior modularity allows 4 different configurations, simply removing the redesigned peak and the ultra-panoramic visor. The helmet is built using a combination of carbon, aramid and glass fibre and the lightweight construction provides AGV highest safety standards, while premium interiors are water resistant and extremely comfortable. Aerodynamics and ventilation reach a new standard thanks to new extractors and the new adjustable chin guard port that can direct internal air flows where the rider needs.

For more info click here www.dainese.com

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