Enduro’s driving courses – easy offroad with Live Out!

An amazing day immersed in nature dedicated to offroad riding with the rental enduro motorbikes of Live Out and Pietro Tupputi's expertise.


An amazing day immersed in nature dedicated to offroad riding with the rental enduro motorbikes of Live Out and Pietro Tupputi’s expertise.

Sunday 10th June, 10:30 am

I arrived with my car in the area of Ovada, exactly in Lerma at the wonderful Cascina Burroni  (I must admit I wanted to jump in the swimming-pool!). I prepared my offroad equipment (you can rent it there if you prefer) and I met the owner of Live Out, Pietro Tupputi. The rental agency organizes car and motorbike driving courses and also beautiful travels around the world according to every rider’s needs.

I had any offroad experience and, being 170 cm tall, I was a bit scared looking at the rental Beta 300 xtrainer (the motorbike was ready and with a full tank of gas). Let’s focus on the course. We had a first briefing on the right offroad positions and moves, one on the gearbox and the brake (I was wrong about the slides and the rear brake’s block) and then we left for the beautiful roads and wood around Lerma.

  • La partenza con le Beta 300 XTrainer

We passed few hours to learn being confident with the motorbike, the position, the brake, the starts, the climbs and downhills (I got scared sometimes), everything under Pietro’s control and he was always ready to fix my mistakes. The ride was pleasant, not too fast to let me be used to the motorbike; I decided to go alone for some sections but without exaggerating. Everything seemed simple but I had to remember I was not riding on asphalt. We stopped for lunch at Agriturismo Cascina Cirimilla, I was hungry after three hours on motorbike but I was satisfied with delicious dishes with salami and traditional food.

We restarted exploring the area between scenic landscapes and many exercises to face obstacles, bends and frequent offroad situations. After two hours we came back to Cascina Burroni, tired but happy: a very joyful and wothwhile day. The expertise of Pietro is great and really precious for anyone who wants to try this experience and I wanna go back soon!

For info on rental, courses and travels click here www.liveout.it

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