Civita and the Raganello Canyon – motorcycle tour in Calabria in the Pollino National Park

Civita and the Raganello Canyon - two gems to discover in Calabria close to the Ionian Sea.


Civita, in Calabria, is one of the most beautiful borghi in Italy, and around here we visited the Raganello Gorges, an amazing natural canyon located in the Pollino National Park.


GOLE RAGANELLO CALABRIA CIVITA casa kodraIn the heart of Pollino National Park, surrounded by a wonderful environment, Civita is one of the most ancient Albanian (arbëreshë) communities in Italy. Civita is well preserved: with the famous “talking houses”, and their characteristic chimneys, along the alleyways and squares. The chimney was like the signature for a new house, a symbol, with the function not only to suck the smoke, but also to keep away evil spirits. The so-called “talking houses” or “houses of Kodra”, a sort of homage to the Italian national Albanian painter Ibrahim Kodra, have an anthropomorphic appearance. In the historical center, in addition to the chapel of Sant’Antonio and the sixteenth century of Santa Maria della Consolazione, there is the parish of Santa Maria Assunta, built in Baroque style in the second half of the sixteenth century. Foto Civita casa Kodra di Asmara87 – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0


GOLE RAGANELLO CALABRIA CIVITAThe Raganello Gorges are a sort of canyon 17 kilometers long; the starting point is near Lamia water springs and it arrives till an area of Civita where there is the well known Devil’s Bridge. Here the river flows in a more regular way along an open valley. The Raganello Canyon is divided into two parts: the Upper gorges and the Lower gorges.  You can’t miss the experience of a jump in these blue waters but you should always follow a local tour leader of canyoning, and in summer it’s better to book in advance. Foto Gole del Raganello Di Alby3 – Opera propria, Pubblico dominio

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From Civita and the Gorges you can follow the map and go up for some kilometers to admire a beautiful landscape of the valley.

Don’t miss all the ITINERARIES and top BORGHI of Italy, EVENTS and NEWSTOURS AND ADVENTURES of Moto Excape! Foto copertina veduta Gole del Raganello By DonGatley – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0