On motorbike with Bruno Ceci – discovering the Lambrusco of Bassa Parmense

A historical and famous winery of Lambrusco.


Discovering the Lambrusco in collaboration with Cantine Ceci.

CANTINE CECI BRUNO LAMBRUSCOOn the occasion of the Eightieth birthday, going through the memories, a big discovery was made: the wine cellar log where Bruno Ceci took notes of the winemaking and fermentation processes to create the Lambrusco that he produced in the Sixties. Hence the idea of re-proposing it now, with a new look but with the same essence and especially with a very motorbike style label!

It all began in 1938 in Otello’s trattoria, where guests enjoyed the best tripe in Parma and where Ceci sold the Lambrusco that he made from grapes he would buy from local farmers. Cantine Ceci has produced wine for nearly a century. Its products are as earnest as the land where they have been grown. It’s a land of creativity and ideas, of travelers, emotions, worlds, and a revolving cycle of generations. They all revolve around that fantastic fruit of nature and the human kind’s labor.

Today, the winery still retains its spirit of hospitality and it’s always happy to receive visitors, wine experts, wine lovers, and even those who are simply curious to visit a winery and taste its products.

The visit is on request and to ckeck the availability, here the contacts: CANTINE CECI S.P.A, Via Provinciale 99, Torrile (PR), (+39)0521810252 [email protected]

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