Caberg Horus flip-up helmet – The joy of riding

Caberg Horus l'apribile con la visiera panoramica e la doppia omologazione.

Cerchi un Hotel, un Ristorante o altro?

Caberg Horus is the flip-up helmet of the Bergamo-based company designed for travel and daily use with unparalleled visibility.

Fortunately, in Italy there are still companies that think, design and manufacture products under the Italian flag. Caberg is one of these realities, and for decades it has been offering the public innovative products, focusing on quality and maximum safety.

We tested the Horus flip-up helmet, the mid-range flip-up helmet, for over a month, during our tours in Italy in which we traveled many kilometers in all weather conditions: from the freezing rain of the Apennines to hot, almost summer days. Now we can finally draw conclusions.


Table of contents

  1. Aesthetics and design
  2. Visibility
  3. Ventilation and comfort
  4. On the head
  5. On the road
  6. Safety
  7. Accessories
Caberg Horus - Test e recensione apribile prova review
Caberg Horus

Aesthetics and design

Nowdays when you buy a helmet, you do it in front of the mirror. Caberg knows this too and has created Horus: a flip-up helmet with an attractive appearance, with lines drawn by the wind and sober and elegant colors. The model we tested features different shades of gray, interspersed with a red stripe, while the tricolor of the proud made in Italy is placed on the chin guard. The one in the picture is the Scout version (black, anthracite, red). The external components, such as the air intakes, extractors and the visor integrate perfectly into the silhouette of the helmet.


The Horus visor is unique in its kind: it has a vertical field of view of 82° and, although very rounded, it does not generate any kind of visual distortion, even with the Pinlock lens (included) and the sun visor lowered.

Caberg Horus - Test e recensione apribile prova review
Caberg Horus

The first sensation when wearing it and closing the Horus is that of having a field of vision equal to a open face. The chin guard is designed with a lower central profile, without sacrificing safety, allowing the rider to see much lower than usual, without having to move his head. Just moving your eyes to observe the instrumentation or the GPS is much safer and faster than moving your head, minimizing focusing and “distraction” time.

Even laterally, the field of vision is so wide that it allows us to always perceive what is happening around us, from the vehicle that overtakes us, to what happens perhaps in the side streets, on the sidewalks and at intersections.

Ventilation and comfort

We tested the Horus both with a street enduro, in a fairly upright position, and aboard sportier bikes without windshields.

Caberg Horus - Test e recensione apribile prova review
Caberg Horus

With the helmet closed, when the temperatures rise, the upper air intake, perfectly integrated into the shell, allows a really pleasant and very well diffused flow of freshness. The hot air then comes out of the rear extractors, well hidden by the aerodynamic lines of the helmet. Obviously, the more you are exposed to the wind, the cooler you travel, so the effect is reduced if you use a very high and covering windshield.

In the lower part, on the chin guard, the air intake in the open position allows you to quickly eliminate any fogging and to generate a pleasant flow between mouth and nose when traveling well sealed.

On the head

The interior, removable and washable, is fresh and soft to the touch. After a few days of use, the pads begin to adapt to your head, adhering without creating pressure points. Their composition allows the air to circulate well around the head when the air intakes are opened, while in colder climates or rain, with the helmet closed, it is well sealed away from the elements, even with the turbulence that windshields often generate.

Caberg Horus - Test e recensione apribile prova review
Caberg Horus

The ears find their spacious “habitat” in the dedicated slots to avoid any pressure with enough room for the speakers of the Bluetooth system for which the helmet is designed. You can’t see it but the interiors are designed for eyeglasses too, and do not interfere with the sun visor, placed at the right distance from the face.

The opening and closing mechanism of the chin guard can be found immediately even with thicker gloves and is super quick. One hand is enough to open it and one hand to close it.

On the road

In the city and on the interstates, the helmet in the open position is a real pleasure. The sun visor protects well both from the air and from insects and from the sun of course, while the chin guard, once locked in “J position”, turns out to be truly aerodynamic.

Caberg Horus - Test e recensione apribile prova review
Caberg Horus

Then when you exceed 90 km/h you start to feel the wind pressure on the chin guard, but it is just as easy to find a neutral position without assuming unnatural positions. Above these speeds, however, we recommend to close the chin guard of the helmet for greater safety.

On the highway and at high speeds, without a windshield, the helmet penetrates the air very well and there is no turbulence under the chin guard. The air pressure is well distributed, as well as the weight, avoiding particular stress on the cervical.

The acoustic comfort is very good and with the Bluetooth system we listened to music and made phone calls without difficulty. We felt some creaking instead with the windscreen of the bike fully raised, but I remember that the windshield generates a lot of turbulence due to the depression that is created between the rider and the screen. Our advice is therefore to always travel with the windshield that reaches up to the chin.

As we always remember in our videos, a flip-up helmet cannot be as silent as a full face helmet. The different mechanisms of the visor, the chin guard, the visor are the weak points for acoustic insulation. But even here the Caberg designers did a great job, sealing the head from the noise.


The helmet has double homologation, so both open and closed it complies with current regulations and, having visited the Caberg laboratories, we have experienced first-hand the construction and material standards, which always go well beyond the legal requirements.

When the chin rest is raised, make a little extra effort until you hear a “clack”. This step is wanted by the house, because it allows us to keep the helmet open even without having inserted the mechanical lock, avoiding accidental lowering while driving. But remember to put the latter on “J position” to ensure the homologation as an open helmet.


The helmet includes a Pinlock visor present in the box. In addition, a small but very popular gem, if you pay close attention to the micrometric closure of the helmet, you will find an empty metal slot: it is used to tie the helmet to the motorcycle with a padlock or a steel cable.

Aside you can buy the Caberg Just Speak Evo Bluetooth system, otherwise you can insert the one you already have, as the predisposition is universal.

There are numerous graphics to choose from but we particularly point out the Tribute, white with the tricolor, specially created to commemorate the commitment of the National Alpine Association of Bergamo during the hard times of COVID-19, supported by Caberg also economically.

In conclusion

It is a mid-range opening designed for both daily use and tourism, excellent for those looking for a valid compromise between an integral and a travel jet, as you do not feel that sense of claustrophobia when closed, you can see very well and when open it is an excellent jet. For more information you can visit the Caberg website.

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