Bobbio by motorcycle – One of the most ancient medieval towns in Emilia

Bobbio, in Val Trebbia, is at Monte Penice's feet. A must-see destination for a motorbike trip or as a stop on a planned itinerary.

Bobbio ponte vecchio diavolo

Bobbio, in Val Trebbia, is at Monte Penice’s feet. It was a religious center and a cosmopolitan place for arts, culture and science. A must-see destination for a motorbike trip or as a stop on a planned itinerary.

In short

The little borgo, with its medieval magic, narow streets, stone made houses and rich palaces, surrounds the monastery and it’s a holiday destination of Piacenza thanks to the spectacular landscapes of the valley. Bobbio has gained the Orange Flag of Touring Club Italiano.

bobbio emilia piacenzaYou can admire this borgo in every season especially for the landscape, with the scenic background of Val Trebbia. In summer, however, Bobbio becomes a bathing attraction full of visitors who want to enjoy sunny days and the fresh and restorative waters of the river. Foto Bobbio: di Margherito1, Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Do not miss

In summer, you can’t leave Bobbio without visiting the Ponte Gobbo and entering a bar in the center, to escape the heat and to enjoy fresh air and a pleasant walk.

It’s worthy the Museum of the Abbey, housed in the monastery where in old times there was the Scriptorium of Bobbio and its library. The City’s Museum makes you jump back to the past into the monastic life and into the amanuensis’art, using audiovisional multimediale systems. Santa Maria Assunta’s Cathedral and San Colombano’s Abbey (here in the crypt the sarcophagus of the saint and a beautiful mosaic floor are conserved) are two major stops and don’t forget Castello Malaspina with a wonderful view on the upper part of the city.

The tastes of Bobbio

Along “The road of wine and taste of Colli Piacentini”, you can taste the “macaroni alla bobbiese”, prepared even today with a knitting needle and cooked with “stracotto sauce”. Don’t miss the salty donuts on sale in the bakeries. At the local restaurants, in fall, you have to taste the stewed snails prepared according to the traditional recipe.

How to get there? Of course through the Passo del Penice.

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