Alpinestars Tech Enduro 7 and Corozal Adventure boots – Test and review

Tech Enduro 7 and Corozal Adventure with Drystar® membrane: the Moto Excape test and review of Enduro and Tourism boots also with Maxi Enduro and Dual motorcycles.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boot stivali fuoristrada moto bmw gs f800

For our desire to travel, on the road and especially off-road, we decided to test the Alpinestars boots: the more technical Tech Enduro 7 and the more comfortable Corozal Adventure with Drystar® membrane.

Today riding means first of all safety, one of the key factors for which we have chosen to test the products of the historic Italian factory, which has protected the feet of millions of motorcyclists around the world for decades. In addition, for some time now the desire to “get dirty” on roads and more or less demanding routes has grown, from the white roads of the Eroica to the more technical and difficult routes between the Alps and the Apennines, with specialist enduro, dual and maxi-enduro motorbikes.

Corozal Adventure Drystar® Oiled Leather Boot

alpinestars corozal oiled leather boot drystar test reviewAesthetically very appealing, with brown suede leather (oiled leather version) that moves away from the usual black (anyway available) and makes them a little more classic, even for use on modern scramblers: much better than a normal touring boot and more usable than a competition boot.

We have it tried both for a light touring on the road and light off-road (wearing it all day) and in 3 days in a row during the Umbria Rally, where we went from dust, stones, mud, rain and fords. The first impression is that of a real comfortable and safe boot. The two buckles, once tightened, wrap around the leg and articulation without sacrificing mobility. The joint offers freedom of movement and a sense of protection, together with the tibial plate. The height and dimensions are not excessive, it can be worn with trousers both below and above the boot. The support on the ground is stable, it does not slip and the walk is natural. After a full day the foot was dry and above all we did not have any discomfort for the duration of the ride.

A real Touring and Adventure Touring boot, one of those that give you a real sense of comfort and the protection of a boot designed also for those who go down heavy or decide to go around the world. For the safety of the rider, the boot adopts an advanced polymer tibial plate and the innovative ankle protection with biomechanical support link between the shoe and the boot’s neck. The weight is absolutely contained and the Drystar® membrane integrated with microfiber/suede allows you to stay dry in all conditions. The retail price is 259 euros.

Tech Enduro 7 Boot

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro boot stivali fuoristrada motoThe Tech Enduro 7 is definitely one of the best boots for those who practice this discipline even at extreme levels, like the Erzberg Rodeo, and we had no doubts about this.

Aesthetically it is really eye-catching, modern and the hooks close with one hand. But we wanted to wear it to use it all day even while traveling. We started from Cuneo and we milled almost two thousand kilometers between asphalt and above all dirt before talking about it, also going through a cross track to refine the enduro technique.

Obviously, starting from a specialized boot that must protect your foot in the most critical situations, the first releases were a bit annoying: not uncomfortable, but rightly, like all new boots, you have to be patient. It took two days and everything changed. The foot is well closed like in a safe and the feeling of security is really high: everything is wrapped perfectly, like in a glove, from the fingers to the calf, with the biomechanical joint at the ankle and the sturdy hull that protects the whole foot. Mobility obviously suffers a little, but gear and brake action is impeccable and immediate. The sole with reinforced pressed steel, which protects the feet against injuries caused by the footpegs, has grip on all surfaces. The shin guards are shaped for a controlled movement that prevents stretching and twisting. The inside of the boot is equipped with rubber panels that give excellent grip and protect against impacts. The anatomic removable insole helps distribute weight evenly and contributes to overall comfort. Retail price Euro 389.

Summing up if you have to spend the days standing on the footpegs on off-road motorcycles or for a rally event the Tech Enduro 7 is perfect (soon on the routes of the Swank Rally of Sardinia), but if you plan to go a long way around the world without any extreme situation we suggest something more comfortable as the Corozal Adventure Drystar® Black or Oiled Leather.

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