Abruzzo on motorcycle – the Sagittario Gorges and the Scanno lake

Abruzzo on motorbike between the Sagittario Gorges and the Scanno Lake- a short tour in one of the best natural reserves of Italy.

gole sagittario moto abruzzo

Visiting Abruzzo on motorbike is always a fantastic experience. The natural area where this beautiful canyon and the road crossing it are located represents the Riserva Regionale Gole del Sagittario, named after the namesake river.

From the south, our itinerary starts in Barrea (AQ) and follows the SR479 towards Anversa degli Abruzzi. Along the road (the english travellers Richard Craven and Edward Lear called it “scary and beautiful”) you can visit and stop for lunch at the Centro visita daini.

Lago di Scanno Gole del Sagittario in moto in AbruzzoGoing north, you’ll find the Scanno Lake, located at an altitude of 922m above sea level between Montagna Grande and Monte Genzana, it has very small coastline and some short stretches have been adapted for the reception of bathers with artificial beaches of pebbles. Foto By maury3001, CC BY 3.0

gole sagittario abruzzo motoAfter the Lake, the canyon continues towards the Eremo di San Domenico, in Villalago, one of the most beautiful borghi of Italy. The bends are soft and the motorbike trip is very slow and pleasant, the atmosphere of the surroundings is very calm. In the gorges there are many wild animals’ shelters: wolves, hawks, moscardini (a little hazel dormouse) owls and marsicano bears. Inside the Riserva there is a botanic garden, a museum, a pic-nic area and many paths. Foto by Enrico Pighetti, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

Baita di Scanno
Baita di Scanno

For a stop at a bed & breakfast and/or a lunch with traditional dishes, we suggest la Baita di Scanno.

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